HORN reveal new album details

HORN - Konflikt

After three years of utter silence, German black metal band Horn finally announce its new album. “Konflikt” marks the 10 year anniversary of Horn. The solo project’s sixth studio album focuses on the essence of conflict and follows several episodes of Europe-related territorial and ethical disputes throughout the last centuries. The album, comprising 7 ideas on the relation of man, passion and war, is presented in five (six) European languages (German, New Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Bokmål) related to the respective topics. “Konflikt” features a vast variety of musical styles, ranging from classical fast-paced Black Metal, through choral pieces, fanfare-styled hymns and serious folkloristic elements in the vein of Isengard, Primordial and Bathory, to the traditional, siren-like guitar sound the project is known for. It will be released on August 30th 2013, under the banner of Northern Silence Productions. The 1st CD press comes in deluxe 8-page digipak, limited to 1000 copies with hand-crafted artwork, lyrics and additional album notes.

1. Konfliktkor I [Intro] 2:23
2. Zangen und Kessel 7:35
3. Blodet eg Fekk Drukki 5:12
4. Brandstäbe 5:43
5. Raatteentien jää 6:27
6. Fotanglar i Trånga Gränder 3:27
7. De Geschutten Thuis 5:55
8. Tunge Støvler 7:26
9. Konfliktkor II [Outro] 2:02

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