PROHOD – Hotarul Imbrelor

PROHOD - Hotarul Imbrelor

Origin: Romania
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Folk Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Totemic Forest Productions
Year: 2013

The recently formed atmospheric folk black metal band Prohod from Sibiu of Transylvania has just released its first work, the debut full-length album “Hotarul Imbrelor“. It was released via Totemic Forest Productions on May 27th 2013. There is no official biography for this Romanian band, but it seems they were formed around 2012, having 4 full-members and 2 session guitarists in their ranks.

Prohod is not an easy band to describe and categorize. They have a raw underground unedited sound, but at the same time there many melodic elements in their songs. Their music style changes often, moving from atmospheric black metal, to folk black metal, melodic black metal and even classical music. Guitars and synths are of equal importance in their songs, while they also use many local traditional instruments with this amazing melancholic sound, characteristic in most Romanian bands. Their vocals are mostly in the brutal side, singing in many different extreme / black metal styles, always fitting to the mood of each song. In my opinion the band needs a lot of work, especially in terms of production and sound balance, since I find that they don’t manage to merge all these elements harmonic in their compositions. On the other hand, there are countless wonderful melodies in this work that make me overlook everything else; after all, it’s only their first work. Their strongest card is the brilliant melancholic folk melodies that sound so natural and original, like you are listening to local Transylvanian folk musicians. My favorite song from the album though is “Vrajmas Zamislit“, their most classical music influenced composition, combining melodic extreme black metal with wonderful piano melodies. “Hotarul Imbrelor” is a quite long album and its 11 songs last for exactly 71 minutes. Despite its long duration, the album never gets boring or repetitive and I always want to listen to it one more time and discover new things! They use only Romanian lyrics and according to the band this album “is for the wordless beings that still bear affection and kindness to each other, to nature and to life itself“.

Prohod is a very promising band, capable for great things! For me it is very important that despite some “technical” weaknesses, which can easily be improved in the future, “Hotarul Imbrelor” is a wonderful work, with many brilliant moments. Fans of underground atmospheric folk black metal invest without second thoughts. ”Hotarul Imbrelor” is released by Totemic Forest Productions in a strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies jewel case edition. It comes with an 8-page booklet, including all lyrics. The beautiful artwork is by Kogaion Art, who made one of their darker works in order to match the sad melancholic atmosphere of the album. If you are interested in getting one of the few available copies, you should contact the band or Kogaion Art. For more details and sound samples you can visit their official Facebook profile.


Rating:  (9/10)

Prohod @ Facebook


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