DARISAM – Dingir (EP)

DARISAM - Dingir

Origin: Italy
Genre: Black Metal Epic Death Metal
Label: As Above Records
Year: 2013

Darisam is new band from Ferrara in Italy, founded in the beginning of 2o12, with the intention to play straight blackened death metal, adding a Mediterranean Sumerian “twist” to their music. The band’s first songs were deeply influenced by bands like Behemoth, Nile and Melechesh. After the addition of Umberto Poncina in their line-up, they changed their sound, but they prefer to reveal their evolution in a future work! So, in the end of April 2013, Darisam decided to release the EP “Dingir” via As Above Records and “close” their first musical chapter.

I will start the review with the band’s surprisingly perfect production. Darisam were not even one year together when they recorded their first ever songs, but their sound quality can easily match the sound of the early (and not only) works of the bands that influenced them! The EP opens with a short atmospheric acoustic intro, putting the listener to the Sumerian “oriental” mood of their music. The rest of the album is straight forward black death metal, with fast riffs, epic rhythms and melodic guitars, stepping on “eastern” scales and tunes. Except for the intro, they don’t use any more traditional folk instruments or synths at all. They move between mid and fast tempo, with several rhythm changes, so their brutal, yet melodic sound, doesn’t tire the listener at all. Their extreme vocals change from death metal growls to black metal screams and Rakel seems to be a very good singer in both styles. There are 6 songs totally in the EP and they last for a little over 23 minutes. Their powerful aggressive sound fits perfectly to their thematology: the word Darisam means “Eternity” in ancient Sumerian and the lyrical concept of “Dingir” deals with Sumerian mythology and desert landscapes.

Dingir” is a very impressive EP and fans of Sumerian inspired epic blackened death metal better check them. It is a fact though, that they don’t offer something new, compared to their influences, but it was only their first effort and the overall musical result is much more than decent. They have already “promised” to evolve in their next work and I admit I am more than curious to see their evolution! “Dingir” is released by As Above Records in a standard jewel case edition with 8-page booklet, illustrated by Simone Furia. The booklet also includes all the lyrics, which are in English by the way. You can visit their official page below and judge for yourselves.


Rating:  (8/10)

Darisam @ Facebook
Darisam @ Bandcamp


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