SCHATTENVALD re-release first 3 albums


Franconian black metal band Schattenvald from Bavaria, Germany have signed under the Banner of Kristallblut Records. Schattenvald play a unique style of melodic epic black metal and they have self-released 3 full-length album so far, each one limited to only 100 copies! “I” and “II” were released in 2007 and “III” in 2008. Kristallblut Records in partnership with Obscure Abhorrence Productions will re-release these sold out albums hopefully by the end of summer 2013. Each one will be released in a limited to 500 pieces 6-panel digipak with new artwork, already revealed. A box-set, including all 3 albums is also planned! The band has also prepared its next full-length album, entitled “IV“, which will be soon released by Kristallblut Records.

Nachtsturm: All instruments (1998-present)
(Cryptic Wintermoon, Guard of Amendor, Rites of Selaiah, ex-Agrypnie, ex-Khraah, ex-Angelus Mortis, ex-Homicidal Violence)

Iskharian: Vocals (2012-present)

Tracklist – I:
1. Dämmertage
2. Auf Alten Pfaden
3. Das Alte Haus im Wilden Wald
4. Der Nachteswanderer
5. Wenn Dereinst der Berg Rief
6. Winterland

Tracklist – II:
1. Es Wird Regnen
2. Mondlied
3. Des Mordenmondenkeyßers Fahlsilbern Schreckensheer
4. Höllenfahrt
5. Niedergang 1648: Eyn Raub von Flammen

Tracklist – III:
1. Morgenstund Hat Blut im Schlund’
2. Rot vor Haß glühts’ im Gebirg’
3. Angriff
4. Der Sturm der Unsterblichen
5. Gomorrah
6. Ein letzter Blick in Weite Ferne

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