EREB ALTOR reveal new album details and video

EREB ALTOR - Fire Meets Ice

Viking doom black metalles Ereb Altor from Gävle, the oldest city in the historical Norrland (Sweden’s Northern Lands) are about to release their fourth full-length album, entitled “Fire Meets Ice“. This time Ereb Altor will leave the ghost stories from “Gastrike” behind and will once again hail the Norse Gods! The band has parted ways with Napalm Necords and “Fire Meets Ice” will be released on 26th of July 2013 via their new label Cyclone Empire. It will be available both in standard CD edition and in a limited to 500 copies LP edition in heavy 180g colored Vinyl. The band has revealed the cover artwork, tracklist and a beautiful lyric video for the song “Nifelheim” that you can watch below.

1. Fire Meets Ice
2. The Chosen Ones
3. Nifelheim                               
4. My Ravens
5. Sacrifice
6. Helheimsfärd
7. The Deceiver Shall Repent
8. Post Ragnarök
9. Our Legacy

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