MUYZKKUBUN – In the Name of Our Gods

MUYZKKUBUN - In the Name of Our Gods

Origin: Colombia
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

MuyzKKubun is for sure a very unusual name for a band, but then again how usual is epic pagan folk metal from Colombia? Yes, MuyzKKubun is a new band from Rionegro of Antioquia in Colombia and they were formed in 2009 by Yari Ruiz (vocals, guitars) and Hector Orozco (keyboards). Soon the line-up was complete, the band though wanted to add flutes in its music, but couldn’t find anyone to play them, so the idea was aborted. In 2010 the band broke-up during the recording of its first demo, but it was brought back into life in 2011 as a six-piece band, including a flutist this time! This line-up stayed until today and on March 2013 they self-released their debut full-length album “In the Name of Our Gods“.

MuyzKKubun play melodic folk pagan metal with rich orchestrations and nice balance in their sound. The production is not perfect, but it’s not bad either, especially for a first effort. Their music is based on melodic guitars and atmospheric synths, accompanied by nice woodwinds, piano parts, acoustic guitars and a wide variety of vocals. Their guitars are closer to epic pagan metal, with some extremer parts clearly influenced by black metal, while the vocals are mostly on the brutal side. They also add clean male vocals and few choirs for a bigger diversity in their music. Yari’s screaming pagan black metal vocals are very good, fitting perfectly with the music, but his clean vocals still need a lot of improvement in my opinion. I agree though with the addition of clean vocals, because their melodic lines are very good. There are 8 songs in the album with a total duration of 47 minutes. Their music has a very epic atmosphere, moving mostly in mid-tempo speed and there are many melodies that will stay in your head. The compositions are all very interesting and the band has a nice and full sound. They add skillfully many instruments at once, without overloading their sound. “In the Name of Our Gods” closes with the acoustic epic ballad “With my Spear Destroyed“, where Yari’s clean vocals sound much better than the rest of the album. All their lyrics are in English and their songs speak about epic tales, nature and local mythological themes.

In the Name of Our Gods” is a very good album, recommended to fans of pagan folk metal, especially if you like to listen to this genre from far away lands and cultures. I only would like to see more local South American elements in their folk music, but the very positive fact is that they don’t remind me directly of any other band. I hope to see more things from MuyzKKubunin the future, since this young band seems very talented and has definitely surpassed my expectations! “In the Name of Our Gods” is released directly by the band in a standard jewel case edition with 8-page booklet, illustrated by Ivan Jaramillo. Your only chance to get a copy of it is to visit their official pages and contact them directly. They deserve your support.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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