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German epic black metallers Cryptic Forest (a project by Finsterforst members) finally hit with brute force in the metal world. The long awaited debut full-length album “Ystyr” of this hateful horde from the depths of the Black Forest will be released on August 16th 2013 via Einheit Produktionen, 2 years after their wonderful self-released EP “Dawn of the Eclipse“. Packed with heavy riffs, fast-paced rhythms, wide range of melodies, aggressive vocals and a brilliant studio production (Iguana Studio), “Ystyr” attacks the listener and casts on him a spell of endless hatred. The cover artwork was created by Pär Olafson (e.g. Immortal – All Shall Fall) and the album comes in limited digipak CD & download.

1. Heralding Bleakness ( 2:28 )
2. Winterstorms ( 4:54 )
3. Throne of Fire ( 6:42 )                                 
4. Ystyr ( 4:24 )
5. Call to War ( 6:04 )
6. Crown of Ice ( 5:25 )
7. King of Cryptic Forest ( 4:58 )
8. Smoldering ( 3:18 )
9. Creatures of the Dark ( 9:19 )

Total Playtime: 47:34

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CRYPTIC FOREST - Ystyr flyer


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