NEVID – Agarta

NEVID - Agarta

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Irond Ltd
Year: 2011

Nevid is another Russian folk pagan metal band that was formed in 2004 by 3 former Butterfly Temple members, including Lesiar, who was actually the founding member of both bands. At that time Ksenia of Kalevala, was also in the band, singing the female vocals until the second album. Anyway Nevid had many line-up changes all these years and only two of the founding members are still in the band. They had released 3 full-length albums before “Agarta”, which came out 2 years after “Янтарное сердце Арктиды”.

This band has always been a riddle for me, since I never could understand where are they going it. None of their 3 first works is easy to categorize. They have so many different styles in each album! They are different from one song to another, like you are listening to an album with various bands! Maybe this was the result of the unstable line-up, or of the fact that most band members had also other groups and they were seeing Nevid as a project, or experiment. On the other hand maybe it was the purpose of the band, I don’t know. Anyway, Nevid were playing folk black metal, with a sound close to Butterfly Temple (thanks to Lesiar of course) but with some death progressive metal references and some softer folk ala Kalevala tracks with female vocals. I always thought something was missing from this band that seemed to have a great potential. And luckily for me their answer came with “Agarta”!

Agarta” is a kick ass pagan folk metal album. For me is by far the best work of Nevid. They kept their best elements and composed an amazing and solid album. Their sound is crystal clear with very rich orchestrations as always and a large variety of local traditional instruments. I should make though a special reference to their amazing violins… Nevid don’t have the typical sound of Russian folk metal bands, especially due to their unusual guitars. They chose a more rhythmic modern metal sound, away from the typical melodic pagan metal riffing and they leave all melodies on the folk instruments and vocals. Lesiar’s excellent brutal screams and Oksana’s female folk vocals have equal parts and they are often combined. Their contradiction is “softened” by the extended use of choirs and various clean folk male vocals; Nevid did a remarkable work on the vocals in general! The album contains 13 songs (plus a hidden track) and lasts for almost 50 minutes. Every song has its own identity which grows stronger each time you listen to it! Of course there are again some more brutal tracks and others with only female vocals, but they are all unified under a very balanced and characteristic sound throughout the whole album. All of the lyrics are in Russian and if you can read them they are in the 16-page booklet.

If you like folk pagan metal and especially the Russian scene, “Agarta” is a great choice. The CD is released by Irond Ltd and it also contains a multimedia section with a video for the song “Эльморайок”, a photo gallery and book by Lesiar. You can get a taste of Nevid’s music by visiting their myspace page, where you can listen to almost the entire new album. If you understand Russian, you can also check their official page for more info.


Rating:  (9/10)



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