NOTHGARD – Warhorns of Midgard

NOTHGARD - Warhorns of Midgard

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Black Bards
Year: 2011

Nothgard is a new epic / pagan black metal band from Germany. They were formed in 2008 by Dom and Toni under the name Nordavind. After some line-up changes the band released a 3 song demo via myspace in 2009. They changed their name to Nothgard and they signed a deal with the German Label Black Bards to release their debut full-length album “Warhorns of Midgard” in 2011.

They play typical epic black / death metal with pagan and folk elements. You are not going to listen to something new or fresh in this debut, but you are going to enjoy a very well played album of the genre. Their sound and production can easily top most big names on this style and they seem very talented musicians. They use melodic lead guitars and epic riffing, combined with synths and a few folk instruments in a very solid result. Guitars have the most important role in their compositions, since they usually carry out most of the melodies. They also have some amazing epic solos that add a lot to the songs. Dom uses brutal screaming vocals that fit perfectly with the band’s furious music. Most of the time Nothgard move in fast tempo, but their aggressive songs never become tiring, thanks to the band’s great paying skills. Their overall sound and style makes me think they must be great at gigs! They remind me a faster version of Ensiferum, without the clean or choir vocals. Their lyrics are in English, except for the song “Einherjer” and they are about epic pagan tales.

Warhorns of Midgard” is a very decent debut that leaves many promises for Nothgard’s future. I am sure all fans of the genre will appreciate this band and their enjoyable music. Their album is released by Black Bards in standard jewel case version and in a limited special edition with leather case (embossed with the band logo) and numbered hand signed autograph card. You can visit their official site or their myspace page for info and music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)



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