VESPERIA – An Olden Tale

VESPERIA - An Olden Tale

Origin: Canada
Genre: Epic Death Metal Folk Pagan Metal Symphonic Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Celtic symphonic death metallers Vesperia from Toronto Canada have recently released their debut album. The band was formed back in 2005 under the name Dark Abyss and changed it to Bolero in 2007. Their first demo was out in 2009 and their debut full-length album “Voyage from Finland” was released in 2011. Two of their founding members, Morgan Rider (vocals, bass) and Casey Elliott (guitars, backing vocals) decided to continue this band with a new name and two new members. So Vesperia were re-formed in 2012, when they also released the demo “The Swordsman“. Finally “An Olden Tale“, the first full-length album under the name Vesperia, was self-released on July 2013.

Vesperia play epic melodic death metal with many symphonic and folk elements. It’s obvious that all 4 band members are quite experienced, something reflected in their technical playing and balanced sound, supported at the same time by a very professional production. Melodic lead guitars, epic rhythmic riffs and great solos are combined with symphonic keyboards in a generally fast, aggressive and majestic result. In my opinion their music is closer to epic Viking metal, with folk elements having a more accompanying and supporting role. Vesperia’s orchestrations are really rich and impressive, with an almost cinematic feeling. They use mostly death metal vocals, sometimes brutal and other times more melodic, adding also the right dose of clean male vocals and epic choirs when needed. Several tranquil acoustic passages make their music more atmospheric, variable and easy to listen. “An Olden Tale” has totally 8 songs, lasting a little more than 50 minutes, including the 18-minutes closing track “An Olden Tale“. Their lyrics are in English, singing about heroic tales and epic battles of the past.

I believe Vesperia will satisfy most fans of epic melodic death metal, especially the ones who like a more modern sound with folk and symphonic elements. The overall improvement is terms of sound is huge compared to their debut album from 2011. I am sure the band has to offer many more things in the future and I will be really surprised if they don’t get signed by a serious label after this album! “An Olden Tale” is self-released in a beautiful digipak with the wonderful artwork by Jan ‘Orkki’ Yrlund and the best way to get a copy of it is to contact the band directly via their official pages. You can also watch the official album trailer below and get a better taste of their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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