FALKENBACH reveal new album details and release date!


Six months after the acclaimed vinyl-single “Eweroun“, Falkenbach release their sixth album “Asa“, the heathen metal forerunners’ worthy debut on Prophecy Productions. “Asa” is an all-out typical album for Falkenbach and combines elements from all creative periods of the project. It is characterized by a steady flow of both mellow and aggressive passages, blends harsh vocals with clean singing in an almost extinct West Germanic dialect and is once more remarkably epic as well as wistful. With this successful amalgamation of tradition without any clichés and fiery passion, Falkenbach again prove their superiority in the face of trivial “Pagan Metal”. It will be released by Prophecy Productions on November 1st, 2013 and it is already available for pre-order in the following editions:

- CD in Digipak
- Gatefold LP (180g virgin vinyl) incl. slightly different cover artwork, poster and PVC protection sleeve; 500 copies
- Book 2CD (hardcover with hot foil stamping, 48 pages, 18×18 cm) incl. bonus CD with 4 additional tracks, translations of the lyrics and previously unreleased text fragments of Vratyas Vakyas‘; 2.000 copies

1. Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan
2. Wulfarweijd
3. Mijn Laezt Wourd
4. Bronzen Embrace
5. Eweroun
6. I Nattens Stilta
7. Bluot Fuër Bluot
8. Stikke Wound
9. Ufirstanan Folk

Bonus CD of the 2CD book edition:
1. Beloved Feral Winter
2. En Lintinbluitin Faran…
3. Return To Ultima Thule
4. I Svertar sunna luihtint

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