SIEGHETNAR – Astralwinter (EP)

SIEGHETNAR - Astralwinter

Origin: Germany
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Kristallblut Records
Year: 2013

German ambient atmospheric black metal one man band Sieghetnar has just released its new work. The project was formed by Thorkraft in 2005 and was very active in its first steps, with 4 full-length albums in 2 years! Since 2010 though, the band hasn’t released anything new, except for some alternative versions of earlier demos. Finally in the heart of summer 2013, Sieghetnar released a brand new EP entitled “Astralwinter” via their new label Kristallblut Records.

Astralwinter” includes only 3 songs, but its total duration is a little over 30 minutes, quite long for an EP. There are 2 ambient tracks, each one 9 minutes long, interrupted by the 12-minute instrumental black metal song “Astralwinter“. The opening song “Einklang” actually serves as an intro for the album. It is a long ambient track, whose repetitive nature puts the listener in a peaceful tranquil mood, preparing him for the winter to come. The next song “Astralwinter” begins in the same mood, but after a while Thorkraft adds distorted and acoustic guitars of a raw underground aesthetic, as well as melodic piano keyboards, making it a much more interesting to listen song. It is one of the best efforts of Sieghetnar in their characteristic transcendental ambient instrumental black metal style. The closing track “Ausklang” is another ambient composition, but I like it much more that the first one, since it has more variable synths and interesting sounds. Its beautiful piano adds also a very melancholic mood to the song.

Overall I find ”Astralwinter” a very welcome addition in Sieghetnar’s discography, especially for the band’s fans, proving that the project is still alive. If you let yourself to the music, you will take a journey to beautiful cold landscapes, like the one of the cover artwork. I hope though for a longer and more complete work in the near future. If you have never listened to Sieghetnar and you are into ambient black metal, you better check them, since this band has many interesting works. Some of them totally ambient, others are in to atmospheric black metal, instrumental black metal, etc. as well as combinations of all these styles. “Astralwinter” is released by Kristallblut Records in a blue A5 DVD case with patch, limited to 99 hand-numbered copies.


Rating:  (8/10)


SIEGHETNAR - Astralwinter A5


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