CHERNYE OZERA reveal new album details


Atmospheric dark black metal band Чёрные Озёра (Chernye Ozera, translates to Black Lakes) is ready to release its upcoming 6th full-length album “Хандра“. It will be published on October 31st 2013 in a limited to 500 copies edition via Deleting Soul, a Nihil Art Records sub-label. The album includes 9 new songs with a total play time of 63 minutes.
The lyrical concept of “Хандра” is about how can a man become one with winter, leaving everything behind. Gradually he becomes a part of nature, one with the snow. He wants to remain forever cold and never return back to reality. Чёрные Озёра have revealed the album tracklist and the beautiful cover artwork by Владимир Прокофьев (Paint it black design).

1. Когда Всё Сказанным Осталось…
2. Когда Угаснет Память Наша…                
3. Я, Мой Снег И Пустота
4. Лавина
5. Украденное Солнце
6. Хандра
7. Хрусталь
8. When Everything was Said…
9. The Witch of Black Lakes

Abgott – vocals, guitars, lyrics, music
Sfavor – bass, programming
Dez – piano, synths

Guest members:
Astaroth Merc (from Raventale, Deferum Sacrum) – vocals in “Хандра
Foltath Eternum (from Eoront, Innmorke, Below the sun, Frozen Woods) – vocals in “When Everything was Said…

Chernye Ozera @ MySpace
Chernye Ozera @ VK


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  1. Жду – не дождусь, когда осуществится – это чудо, прям таки доволен, осталось не долго до очередного свершения…

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