KYLFINGAR release free debut EP

KYLFINGAR - Eszak Nepe

Hungarian Viking metal band Kylfingar from Jászság has released its debut material, a digital promo EP entitled “Észak Népe“! The EP contains three songs and it is available for free download with front cover, lyrics and song concepts! Maybe you have already heard the title-track and “Helheim“, while their early song, “Út a Valhallába” is a real special feature for everyone! The new versions of all three tracks will be included on Kylfingar’s upcoming album “Halhatatlanok“, which will be released early autumn. The work on the longplayer is going very well and the band is currently looking for a record label to release it!

Tracklist and songs’ concepts:                  

1. Észak Népe (People of the North)
This song tells about the Norse faith and warriors, who cross the icy sea, mountains and valleys to prove before their gods what they were born to be and to show the other peoples what they believe in. They fight their battles against the ones who called the “infidel dogs” and make their gods happy with this. They sing the chant before, during and after the battle, which accompanies them during their whole life. This also appears in the lyrics once: “And the ashes sing our names, bones hum our song, runes write our heroic deeds during a lifetime…” Then a narration, an introduction comes as heyday by Odin – he says it from above to the enemies of his sons. “Did you call my sons infidel dogs?” – he said and sent his children into the heroic battle. And at the end the bloody and triumphant warriors sing their chant to the Allfather forever!

2. Út a Valhallába (Road to Valhalla)
Our story takes us to a Far Northern land where people live peacefully in their villages. Our hero goes to hunt in a cool autumn morning. But during the hunt, sound of cries and battle reaches him. He knew her beloved ones are in danger. He had gone back but he found the village already destroyed and his family and friends slaughtered. Our hero starts a journey sneaking on the snowy land, over hills and valleys, woodlands and rivers. He travels for days – revenge leads him. Then he finds the murderer horde and he starts fighting alone against the enemy in overpower. Soon it is apparent that the warfare of the Vikings is the best in this world. He takes his revenge but gets plenty of wounds during the battle and sighs out his existence in the middle of the battle-ground. Smile appears on his face and his eyes start blazing at last. And when sun set, the landscape grew dark, the distance gave light only to him, because he had found the road to Valhalla. So he started another journey to join his beloved ones…

3. Helheim
A song about an aged warrior, who is retired in Far North and lives in a small dwelling on a plateau covered with ice and snow. He had experienced both good things and bad things. He had fought in big battles, lost everything and everyone he could. He lives for only one thing: he is writing the story of his life. But he cannot get something down on paper and this is which keeps him from leaving this world. Love is the thing which he missed in his whole life and the missing of this feeling keeps him in Midgard. But on a day fortune favours him and sends him the woman of his dreams. They were happy. But this happiness lasts only for one day and one night. Now there is nothing in the world to reach, to be his goal, so our Viking does not wake up on the next day. His woman bids farewell to him, takes his body onto a boat, the pile is ignited under him and so his body starts the journey towards Helgrind, the gate of the underworld. He starts the journey with his soul full of happiness towards the home of goddess Hel, Helheim, towards the lifeless realm of everlasting winter! His journey is long and dangerous. A cock crows for the dead at the gate of Helheim, he must get across it and then the Resounding Bridge to reach Hel’s castle where he can find his rest.

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