KAUAN unveil new album artwork and release date

KAUAN - Pirut

The Russian / Ukrainian folk doom post rock band Kauan has announced the release of its fifth full-length album “Pirut” on October 23rd 2013 through Finnish label Blood Music. “Pirut“, translating as “Devils“, showcases a single 39-minute long track, twisting the band’s traditional melancholic post-rock beauty into something much more sinister and operatic. The funeral doom “opera” showcases a much angrier side to the band, as well as featuring the unit as a full five-piece collective, shedding its incarnation as a studio-only project. In February 2013, while the band was mixing the album in their hometown in Chelyabinsk, Russia, an asteroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into the area. This caused production delays and put a hold on finishing the album, until the band was certain that they and their family members had not contracted serious radiation poisoning. The experience of the meteor was the main inspiration for the album’s cover and inner artwork.

The band continues in its challenging tradition of singing exclusively in poetic Finnish, the only known non-native-speaking band outside of Finland to attempt lyrics in the unique Nordic language, one of the most complex in the world. Get ready for pre-orders on October 23rd. The run will have a limited high-quality CD pressing, as well as an ultra-limited high-quality vinyl pressing – one of the rare times this incredible band has hit wax.

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