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BIFROST - Tor in Eine Neue Welt

After a three-year creative hiatus, Austrian pagan metallers Bifröst are back with their new opus “Tor in Eine Neue Welt“. The album contains 13 tracks stretched to the truly epic playing time of 72 minutes, enriched by the application of several flutes ( low whistle, Hu Lu Si,… ), bouzouki, violin and accordion. It is packed with catchy and unique songs, which could not be more versatile and it convinces with the restraint from lyrical cliches. The listener is offered a diversified, extended listening pleasure, which also can be reproduced live onstage. This can be attributed to structural changes within the band: apart from vocalist Ragnar (Selbstentleibung, Flammensturm), the personnel on drums and rhythm guitar has been replaced too. With this newly reinforced line-up, Bifröst are back with the band´s founder and songwriter Matthias S. in order to shake the foundation of the metal bulwark. With ”Tor in Eine Neue Welt” the five-piece certainly succeeds in this undertaking and sets a milestone not only for the pagan metal scene. The album is mastered by Krystian König and will be out October 25th 2013 via Einheit Produktionen.

1. …um Frei zu Sein
2. Am Pfahle
3. Runde um Runde
4. Statuen im Eis
5. Blutrote Nacht
6. Die Suche
7. Der Hofnarr
8. Der Narrenkönig (Hofnarr II)
9. Kaltes Herz
10. Raue See
11. Rückkehr des Mönchs
12. Tor in Eine Neue Welt
13. Wer mit dir Steht

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