ÆGRE reveal debut full-length album details

AEGRE - sketch + logo

Italian symphonic melodic black metal band Ægre from Reggio Emilia have recorded their first, yet untitled, full-length album, which will be hopefully released before the end of 2013. The band was formed back in 2002, under the name Evil Whisperer and changed to Ægre in 2005. In 2006 they released the demo EP “…from Evil… …from Sin… …from You…” their only album so far. After many line-up changes, they started working for a long period on their debut full-length album. Tracks were pre-recorded about 6 times, because of composition changes and technical improvements of their recording capabilities. Finally they decided to send them for mixing and mastering. The concept of this album is all about the preciousness of reason and the danger within any kind of dogma for humanity. Ægre’s music has many influences, from the most underground black metal atmospheres to the most polished progressive music, with powerful orchestrations, violent electronic keys, and soft warm ambient moments. The cover artwork concept is ready and they are finalizing the drawings (above you see a discarded sketch).

1. Intro (not final yet)
2. Evil Whisper
3. I Am My Own Master
4. Hell on Earth
5. Interlude I (not final yet)
6. Live in Evil
7. Where Death Comes
8. Interlude II (not final yet)
9. Unholy Light
10. Let The Awakening Begin
11. Enslaved Through Redemption
12. Void Fate

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