VELDES – To Drown in Bleeding Hope

VELDES - To Drown in Bleeding Hope

Origin: Slovenia
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Depressive Black Metal
Label: Razed Soul Productions
Year: 2013

Veldes is a new atmospheric black metal band, the personal project of Tilen Šimon from Bled, Slovenia, who formed this project in 2012. The town of Bled was initially (around 1.004 AD) written as Ueldes or Veldes and the etymology of the name is believed to be of pre-Slavic origin. As can someone easily guess, the music of the band is deeply inspired by the unique dark atmosphere of this Alpine town, built alongside a glacial lake! The full-length album “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” is the first ever work of the band and is released by the American label Razed Soul Productions.

Tilen Šimon has composed all music and played all instruments in this debut album, except for the vocals, performed by the guest singer Nik Košar (also on Nephrolith). “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” contains only 5 songs and its total duration is a little over 36 minutes. Veldes’ music is based on dark slow riffs and sorrowful lead guitars, with doom and depressive black metal references and few melodic and post black metal touches. Atmospheric acoustic guitars give a somehow pagan melancholic mood in their sound, while a few warmer melodies add a small glimpse of hope, making the whole album much more interesting. Their compositions move from slow to mid tempo rhythms, with a few ambient-like passages. Nik’s deep emotional black metal screaming vocals are perfect for the sound and atmosphere of the band. The album has an underground aesthetic, combined with a very good and balanced production. All their beautiful lyrics are in English, combining nature lyricism with bitterness and despair.

Veldes is a band that I recommend to fans of atmospheric melancholic black metal. “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” is a dark depressive album, with five well-composed songs and a great production. It is released by Razed Soul Productions in standard jewel-case CD, with 8-page booklet illustrated by Mantvs Helvete, including Miha Veber’s photography and Tilen’s poetic lyrics. It is also released on tape limited to 100 copies by Bleichmond Tonschmiede. You can visit the band’s official pages below and listen to what they have to offer.


Rating:  (8/10)

Veldes @ Facebook
Veldes @ Bandcamp


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