EKOVE EFRITS reveal upcoming album details and new song


The first track from the upcoming Ekove Efrits album “Nowhere” is now online and available for free streaming and download! The track, entitled “Public Theatre” is the opening track on the new album and also features guest female vocals from Megan Tassaker of the Gothic doom metal band, Lycanthia. Ekove Efrits is an atmospheric black metal project from the musician and graphic designer Saman Nu from Tehran, Iran. The last Ekove Efrits album “Conceptual Horizon” was released on Hypnotic Dirge Records in the summer of 2011 and previous to that the digital album “Hypermnesia” was released digitally in 2010, following the debut full-length album “Suicidal Rebirth” on Possession Records in 2008. The History of Ekove Efrits dates back to 2005. With “Nowhere”, the fourth full-length album from Ekove Efrits, Saman shows a continual evolution in his songwriting and recording abilities, not deviating far from the sound and identity of previous Ekove Efrits albums, but offering fifty-one minutes of twisted, dark, somber, and atmospheric music intertwined with harsh black metal stylistics, female vocals, and electronic/trip-hop elements, with an added cinematic and film-score like quality, which has not been present to this degree in any previous Ekove Efrits album. Certainly a tour de force for this unique project, “Nowhere” will deliver a total trip for the mind and with its cinematic qualities promises to be a visual experience in addition to a sonic one! “Nowhere” is slated for a release on Hypnotic Dirge Records in November 2013.

1. Intro
2. Public Theatre
3. Parallel Presence
4. Blessed by Nature
5. One Truth, One Confession
6. Infinitesimal
7. Metamorphosis
8. Sword and Wound
9. At the Gates of Oblivion
10. Belong to Nowhere

Ekove Efrits @ Facebook
Ekove Efrits – Nowhere @ Bandcamp


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