Origin: Italy
Genre: Ambient Folk Acoustic Pagan Black Metal
Label: Eternal Winter Records
Year: 2011

Satvrnia Tellvs is an one-man-band from Italy and Naples in particular. Hostis began this project in 2009 releasing a 3-track promo EP. His music is underground black metal, with acoustic and ambient passages, deeply influence by the Greek-Roman history and mythology. In the end of 2011 Satvrnia Tellvs released its debut full-length album “Elysivm” with the Italian label Eternal Winter Records.

The first self-titled song begins with a nice acoustic intro, before the guitars and screaming vocals make their appearance. This change between, melodic, but raw underground black metal and acoustic or ambient interludes continues throughout the whole album. “Elysivm” has some very beautiful melodies and a great nostalgic, romantic, esoteric atmosphere. Most melodies are based on the acoustic instruments and the symphonic synths, that many times take the lead and other times they just accompany the music. Making a great antithesis to the melodic face of the band, guitars and vocals have a really raw and totally unpolished, almost “ugly” sound! Many times this contradiction works excellent, but in Satvrnia Tellvs case, I believe things could be much better with a better production, at least for my taste. Guitars and especially drums don’t sound very real and I think this is something the band can work in the future. On the other hand, the compositions are beautiful, interesting and balanced, so that finally “Elysivm” leaves me a positive impression. It just seems more like a demo to me, than a full-length album. Hostis sings most of the time with brutal vocals, but with a different color than the typical ones: something between screaming and whispering at the same time. All of the lyrics are in Italian, inspired mainly by mythological themes and you can find them in the booklet. There are 8 songs in this album, which lasts for almost 50 minutes.

Overall, I believe Satvrnia Tellvs is a promising band. Despite the sound problems, their music is actually very good. There are some enchanting moments in their songs and after all this is what matters the most. “Elysivm” comes with a 12-page booklet with nice artwork and photography. You can visit their myspace page for more info and music samples, or contact their label to order the album.


Rating:  (7/10)



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