LES ALABRES release new EP

LES ALABRES - Blanche Biche

French medieval folk metallers Les Alabres from Toulon have just released their new EP entitled “Blanche Biche“. Nostradamus’ prophecies, dark medieval themes about the plague, poverty, monarchy and the presence of Church have always been their basic inspiration. The band was born in 2006 and released its first demo in 2007. After several line-up changes and additions they released the demos “La Peste” in 2009 and “Couché Tard” in 2011. Their debut full-length album “Ah que nos Pères” was recorded in 2012 and you can listen to it on their official site. After even more line-up changes that led to their current formation, Les Alabres has finally self-released the “Blanche Biche” EP on the 28th of September 2013.

1. Tout aux Tavernes et aux Filles
2. Le Prince d’Orange                                   
3. Blanche Biche
4. Testament de Guerre
5. Ah que nos Pères

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