ZINUMM debut album officially released

ZINUMM - Zinumm

The self-titled debut album of the Spanish experimental ambient folk black metal band Zinumm from Granada is finally released on CD limited to 350 hand-numbered copies, via the new Spanish label Darkwoods. It was originally released in the end of 2011 in digital format via Bandcamp and re-released in tape edition limited to 100 copies. “Zinumm” suggest us a black metal voyage of discovery of the arcane and forgotten knowledge of our ancestors. Their music is influenced by the founding bands of the genre, from Bathory and Burzum to Darkthrone or Ulver, with evident European folk touches moving them closer to Helrunar or Empyrium, emphasizing with the use of Old Gaelic on lyrics and traditional instruments such as the zanfona… The fourth track “Lá Breá le Bás” is a reinterpretation of Bathory’s classic “A Fine Day to Die“, that shows clearly Zinumm’s influences… Their label has also released a very limited run of T-Shirts with the mythic Viking symbol of protection “Aegishjalmur” as main motif, with two different designs limited to 25 copies in total!

01. Ár Dídeanaí d´Aois
02. Taobh Thiar Dúinn Ár Dtalamh
03. Ní Bheidh Aon Duine Maireachtáil
04. Lá Breá le Bás
05. Guí Ar Mo Dheartáireacha
06. Is É Mo Talamh Imithe Rn Mar Sin I

Zinumm @ Facebook
Zinumm @ Bandcamp


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