IRMINSUL reveal upcoming album details


Swedish folk pagan metallers Irminsul from Gothenburg will soon release their second full-length album, entitled “Fäder“. The band was formed in 2005 and they have released their debut album “Irminsul” in 2009 via Det Germanske Folket. They have already completed all recordings of their new album and they plan to start mixing and mastering in November 2013. “Fäder” will be released via the German label Purity-Through-Fire in standard jewel case CD and in A5 digipak edition limited to 200 copies, both available for preorder at the label’s e-shop. All artwork and design by Folkingrimm Art is already finished. You can see the beautiful cover artwork. The band has also revealed the album tracklist and an audio teaser that you can listen below.

1. Stupagreven
2. Nattramn
3. Galgaman                              
4. Hagridden
5. Letters from the Past
6. Bäckakarlens Dans
7. Clades Variana
8. Ölbänk
9. Neverending Story (cover)

Irminsul @ Facebook

IRMINSUL - Fader flyer


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