EPHYRA reveal debut album details

EPHYRA - Journey

Italian folk metallers Ephyra from Como will release their debut album “Journey” in November 2013. Ephyra were born in 2005 by an idea of two guitar players, Matteo and Carlo. The band knows a period of stability during 2006 as a death metal cover band, starting to play on stage in some local live pubs. In 2009, after a long downtime and several line-up changes, Ephyra start to write their own music, playing melodic death metal with fantasy-medieval influences. The same year their first demo tape arises. Additional line-up changes delayed the recording of their full-length album until the spring of 2013. Finally their debut album “Journey” will be officially released on 9th of November 2013 in digipak edition. Ephyra just revealed the cover artwork, the tracklist and an album trailer that you can watch below to get a first idea of their music.

1. Back…
2. …to the Realm                           
3. No Prisoners
4. Laws of the Elves
5. Journey
6. Flames of Revenge
7. Cold Pain
8. Dark Wolf
9. Hunter’s Dance
10. Heresy

Nadia Casali – Vocals
Francesco Braga – Vocals
Matteo Santoro – Guitars & Choirs
Paolo Diliberto – Guitars & Choirs
Germano Rondena – Bass & Choirs
Simone Imperiale – Keyboards & Choirs
John Tagliabue – Drums

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