ALCEST unveil upcoming album details and 7″

ALCEST - Shelter

Shelter” is the fourth album by contemporary shoegazers Alcest, the destination of a long creative musical journey into vast new territories. More than ever the French outfit, consisting of mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Neige and drummer Winterhalter, embraces the dreamy guitar textures of shoegaze and blends it with the sweetness of British band Cocteau Twins, dream pop pioneers of the mid to late 80′s era, epic, soundtrack-like melodies and progressive song structures. The album, which features guest appearances from Slowdive’s Neil Halstead ( lead vocals on the song “Away” ), Sweden’s Promise And The Monster’s Billie Lindahl and Amiina’s strings sections, was recorded at Sundlaugin Studio, Iceland, with Sigur Rós producer Birgir Jón Birgisson who masterfully gave “Shelterits light and ethereal sound.

Conceptually, the title of the album “Shelter” says it all. The record is about the concept of shelter as a safe place that allows everybody to escape reality for an instant, to reunite with what we really are, deep down. Neige’s own shelter turned out to be the sea, as well as the tracks of this album, all inspired by and dedicated to it. “Shelter” will be released by Prophecy Productions on January 17th 2014 (North-American release date 21st of January 2014) and is already available for pre-order.

- CD in noble digisleeve
- Gatefold LP (180g virgin vinyl) incl. poster and PVC protection sleeve (500 copies black vinyl and 500 copies white vinyl)
- 2CD hardcover book (48 pages with lyrics, liner notes, translations of the lyrics, ca. 18x18cm) incl. bonus CD with bonus track “Into the Waves” (3.000 copies)
- Deluxe LP box incl. gatefold LP with poster, bonus 7″ with bonus track “Into the Waves” and etching on B-side and 48 page hardcover photobook in wide format (first 500 copies with golden vinyl, second 500 copies with silver vinyl)
- “Complete Shelter Box”: CD in Digisleeve, gatefold LP incl. poster, bonus CD in paper sleeve with bonus track “Into the Waves“, bonus 7″ with bonus track “Into the Waves” and etching on B-side, bonus DVD in paper sleeve with “Opale” video clip, 24 page LP-sized softcover book with liner notes and English translations of the lyrics, 48 page hardcover photobook in wide format and signed art print (ca. 18x27cm) (first 500 copies with gold-black marble vinyl, second 500 copies with silver-black marble vinyl)
- “Complete Shelter Box ” incl. vinyl test pressing (available only by pre-ordering until 13.12.2013)

All formats are also available as bundles incl. a shirt

1. Wings
2. Opale
3. La Nuit Marche Avec Moi
4. Voix Sereines
5. L’Eveil Des Muses
6. Shelter
7. Away
8. Délivrance

Bonus CD / Bonus 7″ of the deluxe editions:
1. Into The Waves

Heralding Alcest’s “Shelter“, the 7″ vinyl single “Opale” already offers a first glimpse into the upcoming album. There are 500 copies in black vinyl and 500 copies in white vinyl and the B-side of both editions is emblazoned with an etching. The release is set for December 13th, 2013 and is also available for pre-order.

ALCEST - Opale

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