TROLLORT – Blood Fest Starts

TROLLORT - Blood Fest Starts

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Trollort is a new folk extreme metal band from the canton of Valais in Switzerland. They were formed in 2011 as a four-piece group, but 2 more members joined them the same year. In the summer of 2012 Mathilde joined them on accordion, giving new possibilities to the band. As a 7-piece band they started recording their first album, which was finished almost half year later. Finally, on July 2013, Trollort self-released their debut full-length “Blood Fest Starts“.

The band calls its music troll metal and they are deeply influenced by Finntroll. As expected, their music belongs in the humorous jolly side of folk metal. They have a quite raw unedited sound, with rhythmic and somehow “dry” guitars, making a total contrast with the happy folk tunes of accordion, which is actually the only “melodic” element of their music. Luckily there are also a few parts with acoustic guitars, combined with the distorted ones, giving a bigger depth in their sound. They also use keyboards, at least theoretically, since they keep them so “discreet” that they are practically absent. Their vocals are also on the extreme side with black metal screams and few “epic” clean vocals. And while the band seems to have a great rhythmic perception of the folk genre, they still lack a lot in terms of orchestration, since their sound is “empty” at least in my ears. “Blood Fest Starts” includes 11 songs and lasts for 55 minutes. All of their lyrics are in English dealing with the usual “troll” and drink thematology…

Summing up, Trollort is a young folk extreme metal band in its first steps that has some good and enjoyable moments, but some indifferent parts too. They definitely need to work a lot on their sound and improve their production in the future, since the sound standards for this genre are already set at very high levels! Anyway it’s only their first effort and they have the future ahead… “Blood Fest Starts” is self-released in a beautiful 6-panel digipak edition, illustrated by Tessa Najjar (ex-keyboardist). In the following links to their official pages you can listen to their music and contact them if interested in getting the CD.


Rating:  (7/10)

Trollort @ Facebook


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