ZINUMM – Zinumm

ZINUMM - Zinumm

Origin: Spain
Genre: Acoustic Ambient Black Metal
Label: Darkwoods
Year: 2013

Zinumm is a new band from Granada, Spain, experimenting with black metal, ambient and folk music. They were formed in 2009 by their mastermind Zinumm, who gave his name to the band. The self-titled album “Zinumm” is their first work ever, released digitally on 2011 and later on tape. It is their only full-length album so far, followed by several EPs and singles afterwards. According to the booklet, Zinumm is an international and open collective of musicians and artists who cooperate with the idea of making intense, epic and absolutely free music. This album though is the solo work of their leader Zinumm, who composed, played, recorded and mixed it. On October of 2013, it was released officially for first time on CD by the new Spanish label Darkwoods.     

Based on some songs I’ve listened from their next releases, I can definitely say that “Zinumm” isn’t a typical work of the band, since they get a much more acoustic experimental character afterwards. This album is more like a tribute to their black metal roots and influences, with Burzum, Darkthrone and Bathory being the most dominant of them, affecting differently each composition. The album includes 6 songs with a total playtime of almost 44 minutes. The closing track is the 19 minutes long “Is é mo Talamh Imithe rn Mar sin I“, which translates to “My Land is Gone, So am I“, a phrase that can concentrate the emotional background of this album. Zinumm offer raw, extreme black metal with pagan black metal touches and a great sound for this genre. Sometimes it becomes more cold and aggressive, other times more melodic and melancholic. Ambient and folk passages, mostly on the last song or the entirely ambient track “Taobh Thiar Dúinn ár Dtalamh“, complete the beautiful atmosphere of the album. The 4th song “Lá Breá le Bás” is a wonderful, very different and original epic acoustic cover of Bathory’s “A Fine Day to Die“. Zinumm’s vocals are also very good, varying from typical raw black metal screams, to emotional epic clean vocals. All lyrics are in Irish Gaelic, a language that was spoken in Galicia many centuries ago, adding much more originality and personality in this work.

Zinumm is a very interesting band and despite its numerous digital releases, remains rather unknown, hopefully until now. Except for the re-release of their first full-length album, Darkwoods will also soon release the second album of the band, entitled “Beltaine“. Their debut has a more “typical” black metal approach compared to the next works, still though the intention to experiment with ancient European folk traditions is clear. “Zinumm” comes in a standard jewel case edition with 4-page booklet, limited to only 350 hand-numbered copies! Cover photo is by Jose Gallardo and layout by el dios perezoso for PuertaOskura. You can visit their official pages for more info and sounds from all their releases, or watch the album trailer below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Zinumm official page
Zinumm @ Facebook
Zinumm @ Bandcamp


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