OAK ROOTS announce demo re-release

OAK ROOTS - Branch of Fate

Italian folk metallers Oak Roots from Rome are back, after a short break in 2012, with an almost entirely new line-up. The band was formed in 2009 and next year they self released the demo EP  “The Branch of Fate” in 100 promotional copies. Unluckily in 2012 the band splits up, but not for long, since in 2013 Luca Grimaldi decided to reunite them. After the demand of many fans, they will re-release their demo from 2010, including 2 new bonus tracks and totally new artwork by Manuel Arsenio Rodriguez, former member of the band. The only remaining member of the initial line-up is Luca Grimaldi, who played flutes and now plays guitars, flutes and sings. The new members are Valerio Coretti at drums, Andrea Remoli at bass and Ludovica Faraoni at keyboards. The new version of “The Branch of Fate” is expected hopefully in December 2013. Oak Roots have already revealed one of their new songs, that you can listen in their official Facebook profile, following the links below.

1. The Branch of Fate
2. Curse of the Moonlight
3. Narrow Pass
4. Daliekij Krai
5. Break the Chains (new track)
6. Julian the Great (new track)

Oak Roots @ Facebook
Oak Roots @ MySpace


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