RAUHNÅCHT – Vorweltschweigen

RAUHNACHT - Vorweltschweigen

Origin: Austria
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Sturmklang Records
Year: 2010

Rauhnåcht is a new Austrian pagan black metal band (there is also a German black metal band and another Austrian folk/funk/rock band with the same name). It is the personal project of Stefan Traunmüller, who is also in the bands Golden Dawn, Sternenstaub and Wallachia. The band was founded in 2010 and in the end of the same year released its debut album “Vorweltschweigen” via Sturmklang Records.

The band calls its style pure Alpine black metal and is deeply influenced by the creators of Alpine Folk music Sturmprecht. According to their official page “Vorweltschweigen” is completely based on the lyrics and sounds of Sturmprecht! Rauhnåcht’s music is pagan black metal with some ambient and acoustic passages. If I hadn’t read about it, I could never tell that this is an one-man-band, since they have a great and solid sound! Stefan has done excellent job in the production and everything sounds so real and natural; the ideal sound for pagan black metal in my opinion! Except for the atmospheric epic rhythmic guitars, the band enriches its sound with acoustic guitars, synths and a few rare Alpine traditional instruments, like Alphorn, teufelsgeige, hunter’s trumpets and others. Their music isn’t “overloaded” and despite the use of many instruments, they don’t sound symphonic, since guitars keep the main role in the compositions! Their songs are most of the time in mid-tempo rhythms, full of dark melodic riffs, but without “lead” melodies or catchy epic refrains. They pay more attention to build this unique atmosphere of the album; they even add organic/natural field-recordings from Alpine mountains, caves and forests. Vocals are the typical pagan black metal ones, combined with some atmospheric “whispering” screams that fit perfectly with their music. Lyrics are in their native language, dealing with Alpine mysticism, ancient pagan rites and heathen legends. There are only 6 songs in the album, but it lasts for almost 44 minutes.

Rauhnåcht is a great recommendation to fans of pagan black metal and “Vorweltschweigen” a very promising debut. As an addition to this high quality music comes its amazing package. It is released in a limited to 500 copies LP version (foldout-cover with printed inner-sleeve) and a limited to 900 copies CD edition (in a 7” package – foldout-cover with inlay cards). The brilliant artwork is made by Kogaion Art and is a good reason alone to buy this album! You can visit their official site for more details and their MySpace page for music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)



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