After three albums and over seven years of band history, avant-garde pagan metallers Slartibartfass released last year their gloomiest, but also hardest album “Schwarz Verhüllt“. The band seems to be in its most mature phase ever, so it was the perfect time to ask them everything about their music so far and about their future plans. Let’s see what Philipp (vocals, guitars) has to say about his band.

Slartibartfass Logo- Hello Philipp. First of all I’d like to congratulate Read more…

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Fortis Natura is a Czech epic metal band that was formed back in 2006 by Petra Krejcarova and Forkwin. Petra, also known as Carpathian Goddess, writes music and lyrics, plays guitars and sings, while Forkwin is in the bass. The band never had luck with its drummers and has gone under numerous changes. Let’s hope their new drummer Zdeněk will stay. The band has only released the demo EP “Duality” in 2009, but is already searching for the Read more…

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DIN BRAD interview

Din Brad is a new band from Timişoara that offers its personal view on the Romanian traditional music. Negru (Negură Bunget) had the idea of this band in his mind since 2002, but it was 2008 when things started to take flesh. With Inia Dinia (also in Negură Bunget) and Alma in the vocals, Din Brad got a full line-up. The band inked a deal with Prophecy Productions and in 2012 released their debut album “Dor”. Let’s see Read more…

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Interview with Saman Nu (EKOVE EFRITS, SILENT PATH)

Saman Nu (aka Count De Efrit) is a very talented musician, coming from Tehran, Iran. He is mostly known for his personal project Ekove Efrits, a depressive atmospheric black metal band that has already released 3 amazing full-length albums. This year he also released the debut album of his second project Silent Path. He has also started Inner Trip, a cinematic soundtracks / modern classical / ambient / electronic / trip hop project! So it was the right time to Read more…

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It’s now over 4 months since Polish black / death metallers Devilish Impressions released their impressive 3rd album “Simulacra” via Polish label, Icaros Records. The album gained them a deal with Lifeforce Records who have recently released “Simulacra” worldwide. The mastermind behind the band Quazarre (music, lyrics, guitars, and vocals) and Vraath (bass guitar) answer everything about the band.

Devilish Impressions - Logo- Hello Quazarre, hello Vraath. First of all congratulations for the contract with Lifeforce Records. Tell us Read more…

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BLACKTHORN interview

Extreme Gothic metallers Blackthorn from Russia have recently released their second album “Codex Archaos”, a great work that shows the band’s serious intentions. This all-female group seems more determined than ever to take a bigger step, so it was the right time to ask them everything about their amazing band. Let’s see what all their 5 members have to say in this interesting interview.Blackthorn - Logo

- Hello. It’s a great pleasure for me to make this interview. You are Read more…

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Mythological Cold Towers is one of the best epic doom metal bands from Brazil. It is now over 18 years since their creation and they have recently released their fourth full-length album “Immemorial”. Let’s see what Fabio Campos (Shammash) has to say about his band.
Mythological Cold Towers - logo

- Hails from Hellas. It’s an honor for Metal Soundscapes to interview Mythological Cold Towers. Would you like to tell us a few words about your band? How did you come up with Read more…

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Satvrnia Tellvs is a new pagan black metal band from Naples, Italy. Hostis, who is their only member, formed this band in 2009. In the end of 2011 they released their debut album “Elysivm”. Let’s see what Hostis has to say about his band.

- Hello Hostis. Thank you for making this interview. Satvrnia Tellvs is a new band in its first steps. Is this your first band? What made you begin this band and what does its Read more…

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