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NACHTREICH – Trugbilder

NACHTREICH - Trugbilder

Nachtreich was a German instrumental band formed in 2003 by Uli Kaineder and Peter Honsalek. Their music has influences from neoclassical, black metal and classical music. The band was active from 2003 until 2010, when they split up, but they continued working together in different music paths. After several demos, Nachtreich released their debut full-length album “Sturmgang” in 2009. They continued releasing some works after their official end, like the “B​-​Sides & Unreleased Demos” in 2011. Read more…

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Stellar Descent is a new one man Cascadian black metal band from Oregon USA. This project was formed in 2010 by A, who composes and plays everything, with the aim to create atmospheric, depressive, folkish black metal. Stellar Descent has self-released several demo albums so far in CD-r or tape editions, most of them including one huge instrumental song. “Accretion” was the band’s first work with lyrics, originally released by Eternal Warfare on tape in 2012. The Chinese Read more…

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ZINUMM – Zinumm

ZINUMM - Zinumm

Zinumm is a new band from Granada, Spain, experimenting with black metal, ambient and folk music. They were formed in 2009 by their mastermind Zinumm, who gave his name to the band. The self-titled album “Zinumm” is their first work ever, released digitally on 2011 and later on tape. It is their only full-length album so far, followed by several EPs and singles afterwards. According to the booklet, Zinumm is an international and open collective of musicians and Read more…

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VALFREYA – Acoustic Chronicles (EP)

VALFREYA - Acoustic Chronicles

Canadian Viking metallers Valfreya from Montreal have put aside their electric guitars and released a totally acoustic EP, entitled “Acoustic Chronicles“. The album was released on May 2013, at a time when the band supported it with many acoustic live shows. Valfreya were formed in 2009 and after the EP “First Chronicles” in 2010, they released their impressive full-length debut “Path to Eternity” in 2012 via Maple Metal Records.

Acoustic Chronicles” includes Read more…

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Astral Winter is the personal project of Josh Young (also in Atra Vetosus, Hammerstorm, Lost in Desolation). This Australian melodic black metal band from Tasmania was formed in 2008 and after the demo “Illustrations of Death”, where Josh had another singer in the band, Astral Winter became solo project again. In 2011 the debut album “Winter Enthroned” was released by Immortal Frost Productions (also released the demo) and in 2012 Josh composed and started recording the Read more…

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WILDERNESSKING – …And the Night Swept Us Away (EP)

WILDERNESSKING - ...And the Night Swept Us Away

According to their official bio, Wildernessking is just “four friends from the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa making music together…”. The band actually began in 2010 as a 3-piece black metal group under the name Heathens. They released 2 EPs and a single and in the end of 2010 a second guitarist joined them. Since their sound was moving now into more atmospheric paths, they decided to change their name to Wildernessking in 2011.

Wildernessking have been very Read more…

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