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ELFFOR – Heriotz Sustraiak

ELFFOR - Heriotz Sustraiak

Two years after “Frostbitten Pain” this one man project from Basque Country returns with its sixth full-length album. Elffor were formed back in the end of 1995 by their one and only member since then, Eöl and have released totally 6 six full-length albums, all independently. Their first 4 works have been completely re-recorded, remastered and re-released by Northern Silence Productions. “Heriotz Sustraiak” was theoretically released at the end of 2012, but it was the beginning Read more…

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Italian ambient black metal band Lord Agheros from Sicily is back with its fourth full-length album “Demiurgo“. After some early experiments with other groups, Gerassimos Evangelou decided to start his own band, in order to express his personal mood and emotions. The project began around 2000, but its first work “Hymn” came out in 2007. His next 2 albums “As-a-Sin” in 2008 and “Of Beauty and Sadness” in 2010 were released by Read more…

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THE EARTH KING – Cycling Between Sun and Moon

THE EARTH KING - Cycling Between Sun and Moon

A very interesting and unusual album comes from this one man band from Belgium. The Earth King is the solo project of Piette, who is also behind the dark experimental industrial soundtrack band Dad Man’s Hill. Actually this album is a cooperation between his two bands and the complete name of the band for this release is Dead Man’s Hill vs. The Earth King. “Cycling Between Sun and Moon” is the first album under this name and it Read more…

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URUK-HAI – Cirith Ungol

URUK-HAI - Cirith Ungol

Uruk-Hai is the most known and for sure the most active band of Alexander “Hugin” Wieser. This over-productive Austrian musician from Linz is also the basic (and in many albums the only) member of many other bands, like Hrossharsgrani, Elisabetha, Eismond, Bonemachine, Hrefnesholt, Wach, Manwë and others… He started Uruk-Hai back in 1999, one year after the birth of his first band Hrossharsgrani. He released an ambient tape with Hrossharsgrani under the title “Uruk-Hai” and after some encouraging Read more…

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SYRGÐR SKÓGR – Borke (Demo)


Syrgðr Skógr is the personal project of Norwin. He comes from Kiel in Germany and is also a member of Eldborg and Skardus. This band was born in 2006 and in 2009 self-released the first demo “Walþu” in a very special format: CD-R limited to 50 handmade A5 books with real linocuts. In the end of 2011 the band, once again on its own, released the second full-length demo entitled “Borke“.

The band plays underground black Read more…

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Psychomantum is the personal project of Sargath from Germany, who formed this band back in 1993! In the first 17 years of their life they released only 4 demos. The self-released (not for sale purposes) tapes “Vjelzu Arg” in 1995, “Vahn Sin Niges Knus Per Hus Ken” in 1996 and “Ainak Erdna” in 1997, each one limited to 3 copies. In 2006 they released the promo CD “…Vorzeiten…” limited to 333 copies. Read more…

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Satvrnia Tellvs is an one-man-band from Italy and Naples in particular. Hostis began this project in 2009 releasing a 3-track promo EP. His music is underground black metal, with acoustic and ambient passages, deeply influence by the Greek-Roman history and mythology. In the end of 2011 Satvrnia Tellvs released its debut full-length album “Elysivm” with the Italian label Eternal Winter Records.

The first self-titled song begins with a nice acoustic intro, before the guitars and screaming vocals make Read more…

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EKOVE EFRITS – Conceptual Horizon

EKOVE EFRITS -Conceptual Horizon

Ekove Efrits has been a great discovery for me, since their beginning back in 2005. I have both their demos “Into the Funeral Witches” and “The Wraiths of Forgotten Forest” from 2006, where the band played raw melancholic black metal. It is actually the solo project of Saman N. aka Count De Efrit, who is composing and preforming everything in his albums. The fact that he is from Iran, a rather uncommon place for metal, raised Read more…

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