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VIETAH – Tajemstvy Noczy

VIETAH - Tajemstvy Noczy

Atmospheric pagan black metal band Vietah from Belarus released its third full-length album “Tajemstvy Noczy” in the beginning of 2014. Vietah (old moon in Belarusian) is the solo project of Antarktys from Гомель (Gomel) since 2006. The band released its debut album “Zorny Maroz” in 2008 and the second one “Smalisty žah” in 2010, both via the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. Their new album comes as cooperation between Stygian Crypt Productions and Possession Read more…

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ASTARIUM – Nekrocosmo: Demiurge (EP)

ASTARIUM - Nekrocosmo Demiurge

Astarium is an atmospheric symphonic black metal band from Novosibirsk, Russia. It is the solo project of SiN who started them back in 2005. Since its first demo in 2006, the band has released countless works, including 4 full-length albums, several EPs, singles, demos and splits, many of which were re-released in various versions. During December 2013 and February 2014 Astarium recorded their latest EP “Nekrocosmo: Demiurge“, which was out on June 2014 as a collaboration between the Read more…

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STRYVIGOR – Забуте Вiками

STRYVIGOR - Forgotten by Ages

Stryvigor is a new Ukrainian atmospheric pagan black metal band from Khmelnytskyi. They were formed in 2012 by Khladogard (guitars) and Dusk (vocals, bass) and at the same year they composed their debut album “Забуте Вiками – Forgotten by Ages“. Soon their third member Rungvar joined them in the drums and in the end of 2013 they started recording the album. Finally Stryvigor signed to the Ukrainian label Svarga Music and their debut full-length was out on September Read more…

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ASTRAL ROOT – Voices from the Void

ASTRAL ROOT - Voices from the Void

Voices from the Void” is the debut album from the new Chilean atmospheric doom black metal band Astral Root. Nikolas “Deatheory” E. (vocals, guitars, lyrics) and Rodolfo E. (bass, keyboards, drums) from Antofagasta are their only members. They formed Astral Root probably in 2012, but there is not much info about the band’s bio. They signed a deal with the American label Razed Soul Productions and released their debut full-length album on the 20th of March 2014.   Read more…

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NUMENOREAN – Demo 2014 (Demo)

NUMENOREAN - Demo 2014

Numenorean is a new Canadian atmospheric post black metal band form Calgary, Alberta. They started in late 2011 as a two-man project by Byron (composition, all instruments) and Brandon (vocals) with the intention to mix aggressive and melancholic black metal with more tranquil and ethereal parts. They recorded a 2-song demo, which was released via Filth Regime Records on June 2014. The band also got a complete line-up and started its first live shows with the release of the demo.               Read more…

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Autumn Bridges” is a really beautiful split EP, a nice collaboration of two very interesting one-man bands. Frozen Ocean is the ever-changing personal project of Vaarwel from Russia and Petrychor is the atmospheric folk black metal band of Tad Piecka from USA. Vaarwel has asked many projects to participate in this album, but finally only Petrychor accepted his invitation for this autumn-inspired EP. “Autumn Bridges” was recorded between 2011 and 2012 and it was finally released Read more…

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OUBLIETTE – Apparitions

OUBLIETTE - Apparitions

Melodic black metal band Oubliette from Tennessee, USA has just released its first work. They are a relatively new band, since they were formed just in 2011. There is actually not much info about them in their official pages, except that 2 of their members also play on Æther Realm and Inferi. Their debut full-length album is entitled “Apparitions” and it was released via the American label The Artisan Era on August 1st 2014.        Read more…

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VELDES – Skyward (EP)

VELDES - Skyward

Slovenian atmospheric black metal project Veldes is back with its new work, the 4-track EP “Skyward“. The band was formed in 2012 by Tilen Šimon from Bled, who composes and performs all music and writes the lyrics. In 2013 Veldes released the debut full-length album “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” via the American label Razed Soul Productions. On July 22nd 2014, the new EP was out, again by the same label.          Read more…

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