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VALTYR – Veriset Saagat

VALTYR - Veriset Saagat

Valtyr is the second personal project of Nartum from Bari, Italy. Nartum’s music projects started in 2008 with Ymir, a black metal band that evolved into space ambient black metal. With Ymir, Nartum released a demo in 2008 and his first album ever, “Tumults in the Absence” in 2010, which was re-released in digipak edition in 2013. Valtyr was formed in 2011, as a Viking black metal band, with which Nartum wanted to pay homage to bands like Read more…

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Legendary epic Viking metallers Falkenbach are back with their latest full-length album “Asa“. The personal project of Vratyas Vakyas has influenced many Viking metal bands out there, since its beginning in 1989. After 5 very successful full-length albums, most of them released by Napalm Records, the band signed to Prophecy Productions, who released the 7″ vinyl single “Eweroun” on April 2013, as a preview of the upcoming album. Finally on the 1st of November 2013, the Read more…

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SHAMBLESS – Irke Ranefas

SHAMBLESS - Irke Ranefas

Two years after their previous work, Bulgarian epic fantasy black metallers Shambless are back with their 4th full-length album. Shambless is the personal project of Arvelss Elfaros, who formed them back in 1997 and released two full-length albums “Omnipotentia” in 2003 and “Apkas Itulia” in 2004. After a seven-year absence, the band returned with its third album “Menra Eneidalen” in 2011. They seem to be back for good now, since on August 2013 they Read more…

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ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM – Immortalis Factus

ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM - Immortalis Factus

2013 has been a milestone in the history of Antiquus Scriptum. On May 25th, 2013 this one man band from Portugal released its new full-length album “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis…” via Pesttanz Klangschmiede and on July Talheim Records re-released its previous work, the third full-length album “Conclamatum Est“, originally released in 2010. And finally, on October 2013, Pesttanz Klangschmiede re-released their second album “Immortalis Factus” from 2008, an album that was released in 5 Read more…

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ETHEREAL SIN – Millendium

ETHEREAL SIN - Millendium

It seems that 2013 has bean a very important year for Japanese elegiac black metallers Ethereal Sin from Tokyo. On 20th of February they released a re-recorded, rearranged, remixed and remastered edition of their debut full length album “The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee: Ricordo” and on September 20th they released their second album “Millendium“. Ethereal Sin were formed back in 1997 by Yama Darkblaze and they have undergone countless line-up changes and several breaks. Read more…

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ELDENSKY – From Forgotten Pagan Realms

ELDENSKY - From Forgotten Pagan Realms

Eldensky is the personal project of Beren Tol Galen from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Beren Tol Galen (also in Canadian epic black metallers Maglor) formed Eldensky in the beginning of 2007. The same year the band released the instrumental demo “Elder Tales” under Beren Tol Galen’s own label, Sounds of the Land Records. He kept on working and developing his band’s sound and finally in 2011 he released the debut full-length album “From Forgotten Pagan RealmsRead more…

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STORMLORD – Hesperia

STORMLORD - Hesperia

Veteran epic black metallers Stormlord from Rome, Italy have just released their 5th full-length album entitled “Hesperia“, after five years of silence. This great band was formed in 1991 and in their 22 years career they have undergone several line-up and musical style changes, building a very strong name. They have released 5 full-length albums  and 3 EPs among others, while their previous album “Mare Nostrum” was released 5 years ago, back in 2008. Since then, Read more…

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NÚMENOR – Colossal Darkness

NUMENOR - Colossal Darkness

Finally, after many delays, the debut full-length album of this Serbian epic symphonic blackened metal band is out. Luckily it was worth the wait! Númenor were formed in 2009 by Despot Marko Miranović after the split-up of his previous band Esgaroth. Despot is also founder and editor in chief of Metal Sound webzine, TV & Radio Show. Since their creation, Númenor have released 3 EPs, 3 singles and 2 split albums! Their debut album “Colossal Darkness” was complete Read more…

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