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SHTACK – Shtack

SHTACK - Shtack

Shtack is a new Dutch pirate metal band from Reuver that recently released its first work. They were formed in 2008 by Bram and Thimo and were soon joined by Tom. All three of them were members of the melodic death metal band Stygian Sun, who just wanted a new project to express some different ideas and play what they call “thick, fat, heavy pirate metal”. Schtack finally recorded their first full-length album “Shtack“, which was self-released in Read more…

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THE LAND OF THE SNOW – Belonging to Nowhere (EP)

THE LAND OF THE SNOW - Belonging to Nowhere

The Land of the Snow is a new one-man-band from Zürich, Switzerland. It is the personal project of the experimental guitarist Joel Gilardini, who started them in 2010 under the name The Gila Monster. After a short break and inner search, Joel returned in 2011 renaming his project into The Land of the Snow. In April 2012 he released the 4-track digital EP “The Land of the Snow” and he also started collaborating with the Italian visual artist Read more…

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Saman N and his atmospheric experimental black metal project Ekove Efrits is back with his newest masterpiece, the fourth full-length album “Nowhere“. This Iranian one man band from Tehran was formed back in 2001 and its first works were rooted in depressive black metal. The band has experimented a lot since its creation, something obvious in their debut album “Suicidal Rebirth” from 2008. The electronic / classical / trip-hop album “Hypermnesia” in 2010 opened Read more…

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DISMAL – Giostra di Vapore

DISMAL - Giostra di Vapore

Dismal – the Waltz of Mind is an Italian Gothic experimental alternative band that will release its new masterpiece “Giostra di Vapore” on December 9th, 2013 via DreamCell 11 Entertainment, an Aural Music sub-label. Dismal were formed back in 1995 and this is their 4th full-length album so far. In its first steps, the band had a Gothic metal approach with extreme metal elements, but gradually the metal elements were removed. And while in my opinion most bands Read more…

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EISMOND – As We Hide the Moon

EISMOND - As We Hide the Moon

Austrian atmospheric space ambient blackened metal band Eismond has finally released its debut full-length album “As We Hide the Moon“. The band was formed in 2010 by Alex Wieser, who is also behind many other mostly ambient related projects, like Uruk-Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Elisabetha, Bonemachine, Hrefnesholt, Wach, Manwë and others. After some demos as a solo project, Jaron joined the band in guitars and vocals (the project was mostly instrumental before) and Eismond released their first album in 2013 Read more…

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SEA OF DISORDER – Sea of Disorder (EP)

SEA OF DISORDER - Sea of Disorder

A very interesting experimental post doom metal band comes from Salzburg, Austria. This two-men band was formed in the end of 2011, under the name Sea of Disorder, by Robert and Christian. They want to experiment with post rock, doom metal and atmospheric music and in 2012 they finished their debut 4-track EP, entitled “Sea of Disorder“. They signed a deal with the French label Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions and their album was physically released on March Read more…

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SAND AURA – Elegy of the Orient

SAND AURA - Elegy of the Orient

Sand Aura is a new Egyptian band, with a very personal, different and distinctive sound! They were formed by Muhammed Hassany and Shung in 2007 in Cairo and they believe in the unification of all cultures, religions and historical backgrounds. Their debut full length album “Elegy of the Orient” was finished quite some time now, but it was finally released on November 2012 via Russian label Haarbn Productions. The band had a complete line-up in the album, since Read more…

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ALNE – Alne

ALNE - Alne

I was thinking about reviewing this album a few months now, but always hesitated to do so, since I didn’t know how to describe it, or what exactly I like in it! As you can guess we have to do with a special band, who’s sound is very personal, far from any cliches. Alne come from Poland and they consist of 4 members: their charismatic female singer Kasia and 3 members from the black metal band Non Opus Dei (Klimor Read more…

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