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WILL OF HATRED – Infinite Triumph’s Preface

WILL OF HATRED - Infinite Triumph's Preface

Will of Hatred is a new “symphonic” black metal band from Moscow, Russia. It is the solo project of Damiena, who is the leader and creator of this project, composes all songs, writes all lyrics and performs all the vocals. There is not much info about the biography of Will of Hatred, or when exactly was this project formed, so their debut album really came out of nowhere. It is entitled “Infinite Triumph’s Preface” and was released on Read more…

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Finally, the time has come to review the best album I’ve listened to in the recent years and one of the best ever, if not THE best – time will tell! Italian extreme progressive avant-garde metallers In Tormentata Quiete (ITQ) from Bologna really exceeded all my expectations, releasing the musical masterpiece “Cromagia“! ITQ is a quite old band, formed back in 1998 by Antonio (keyboards), Lorenzo (guitars), Francesco (drums) and Marco (screaming vocals). Despite the numerous changes in Read more…

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CHORDEWA – Recast Gear for the Mindcraft Course

CHORDEWA - Recast Gear for the Mindcraft Course

Chordewa is one of the latest discoveries of Haarbn Productions, a label that has turned to an expert in bringing to light unknown, but good bands, mostly from countries without a long history in the metal music. Chordewa is an extreme progressive metal band from Chişinău of Moldova and in my opinion the best release of Haarbn in 2014. They were formed back in 2002 and released their debut EP the “Dark of Radiance” in 2004. Next year Read more…

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NORTHERN OAK – Of Roots and Flesh

NORTHERN OAK - Of Roots and Flesh

Progressive folk metallers Northern Oak from Sheffield, England have recently released their new full-length album “Of Roots and Flesh“, their most professional work by far! They were formed back in 2006 and self-released 2 full-length albums prior to their new work; “Tales from Rivelin” in 2008 and “Monuments” in 2010. The recording of the new album was entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign run by the band. The campaign obviously was very successful, since Read more…

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Valensorow is a new epic folk death metal band from San Jose, California, USA. They were formed in 2012 by their drummer and songwriter Conner Bruce, who now plays the guitars. After a few shows the band started to grow and soon the line-up was complete. As a six member band, they recorded their debut full-length album “Neptus” at dB Sound Studios in Morgan Hill, California. The album was self-released on the 24th of June 2013 directly by Read more…

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LUX DIVINA – Possessed by Telluric Feelings

LUX DIVINA - Possessed by Telluric Feelings

Spanish pagan black metallers Lux Divina from Barcelona return with their second full-length album “Possessed by Telluric Feelings“. Formed in 1998 by their vocalist Norax, they had many line-up changes and it took them 11 years until their first full-length album. They released several demos and EPs before though. In 2009, their impressive debut “From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood” was out via Ars Magna Recordings and in 2013 the band signed to the German label Einheit Produktionen, Read more…

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German extreme metallers Todtgelichter are back with their fourth full-length album “Apnoe“, three years after the amazing “Angst“. Todtgelichter were formed in 2002 and they released their debut album “Was Bleibt…“  in 2005 via Folter Records, playing avant-garde emotional black metal with quite extreme vocals. Their second album “Schemen“, was released again by Folter in 2007, revealing a more progressive approach in the music, retaining though most of their extreme elements. The Read more…

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XANTHOCHROID – Blessed He with Boils

XANTHOCHROID - Blessed He with Boils

A very talented band rises from Lake Forest of California, with the strange name Xanthochroid. The etymology of their name comes from ancient Greek and is used to describe pale skinned people with blond hair. The band was formed in 2005 and five years later their first EP “Iced, In Extremis” was out, followed in 2011 by another EP entitled “Incultus“. Finally on 21st of December 2012 Xanthochroid unleashed their debut full-length album “Blessed He Read more…

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