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NORTHERN OAK – Of Roots and Flesh

NORTHERN OAK - Of Roots and Flesh

Progressive folk metallers Northern Oak from Sheffield, England have recently released their new full-length album “Of Roots and Flesh“, their most professional work by far! They were formed back in 2006 and self-released 2 full-length albums prior to their new work; “Tales from Rivelin” in 2008 and “Monuments” in 2010. The recording of the new album was entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign run by the band. The campaign obviously was very successful, since Read more…

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AMOCUALLI – Nu Kontavi Ña Tzi

AMOCUALLI - Nu Kontavi na Tzi'i

Mexican pre-Hispanic folk black metallers Amocualli are back with their second full-length album “Nu Kontavi Ña Tzi“. Amocualli come from Tuxpan, Jalisco and were initially formed in 2005 as a solo project. After a quite long break for several years, they managed to get a complete line-up in 2012 and it was only last year that they released their debut full-length work “Tlayoualotl“. The band has been very active since then and in the summer of Read more…

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Autumn Bridges” is a really beautiful split EP, a nice collaboration of two very interesting one-man bands. Frozen Ocean is the ever-changing personal project of Vaarwel from Russia and Petrychor is the atmospheric folk black metal band of Tad Piecka from USA. Vaarwel has asked many projects to participate in this album, but finally only Petrychor accepted his invitation for this autumn-inspired EP. “Autumn Bridges” was recorded between 2011 and 2012 and it was finally released Read more…

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Barbarian folk metal band GOD (The Barbarian Horde) from Iasi, Romania are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a brand new EP “Zal Mox“. Those who have followed this cult band since 1994, know that each new release is actually a musical redirection for them! They started as an extreme grind metal band and through the years they experimented with melodic, atmospheric, Gothic and avant-garde black metal, with doom and death metal, as well as with pagan and epic Read more…

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HEIDRA – Awaiting Dawn

HEIDRA - Awaiting Dawn

Danish epic folk black metallers Heidra from Copenhagen have finally released their debut full-length album “Awaiting Dawn“. The band was formed back in 2006 and released its first 2 demos, “The Saga” in 2008 and “Northern Tales” in 2011. In 2012 they self-released the EP “Sworn to Vengeance“, their first professionally recorded work, which actually put the band on the map, helping them play in important gigs with some of the big Read more…

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HIVERNA – II. Macabre

HIVERNA - II. Macabre

Folk black metal band Hiverna from Québec of Canada, has finally released the second part of a dilogy that started in 2010, but was composed many years earlier! The band was formed in 2006 by Bardunor (David Verret – also in Monarque, Crépuscule, Barol Svinge, Csejthe and Demain, Wendigo) and Helorth (later left the band), but the first sparks were actually lit back in 2004. The first release of Hiverna was the split album in 2008 with Chasse-Galerie, entitled “ Read more…

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AKTARUM – Game of Trolls (EP)

AKTARUM - Game of Trolls

Troll metallers Aktarum from Belgium have recently released their second EP with the catchy title “Game of Trolls“. The band was formed in 2005 by TrollAklass (guitars) and Trollour (synths, vocals), mixing epic folk metal with black metal elements and troll thematology. In 2007 they released their first demo and one year later their first EP “We Are the Trolls” was out. Their debut full-length album “Gang of Trolls” was self-released in 2010 and Read more…

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DELION – Tales of the Northern Realm (EP)

DELION - Tales of the Northern Realm

Delion is a new epic folk black metal band from Genève of Switzerland. The band was formed in 2010, but was not so active during its first years, until the end of 2012 when they took things more seriously. In the summer of 2013 they released the 6-track demo “The Beginning” and on May 2014 they self-released their debut EP “Tales of the Northern Realm“.          Read more…

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