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YOMI – Age of the Gods

YOMI - Age of the Gods

Yomi ( 黄泉 ) is a new folk death metal band from Riga of Latvia. They were formed in 2013, but after several line-up changes and music re-directions, they split up for a year. In 2014, two of their initial members, Khurr and Isaz, resurrected the band and with a refreshed line-up they released the demo “Age of the Gods” in the beginning of 2015. The band decided to re-record the demo, adding two new tracks and self-released Read more…

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FOLKEARTH – Balder’s Lament

FOLKEARTH - Balder's Lament

10 years after their creation, epic Viking metallers Folkearth are back with their 12th full-length album!! And while the release of a new album from this international project is something usual, this album is a special one, since it’s the first one after the death of their founding member Ruslanas (Metfolvik) Danisevskis. Metfolvik was also the founder of Folkodia, another international project, musically similar to Folkearth, but with different concept. Soon after Metfolvik passed away, the remaining members of Folkearth Read more…

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LELAHELL – Al Insane… The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane

LELAHELL - Al Insane - The ReBirth of Abherrahmane

Lelahell is a new death metal band from Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, a quite uncommon birthplace for metal bands. They began in 2010 as the personal project of Lelahel (ex-Litham) but in the end of 2011, after the recording of their debut EP “Al Intihar” they got a complete line-up. The EP was released in 2012 via the Polish label Goressimo Records. In August 2014 the band presents its first full-length album “Al Insane… The Read more…

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CEREVISIA – Trails of a Walker

CEREVISIA - Trails of a Walker

Cerevisia is a new epic pagan metal band from Marseille, France that recently released its debut full-length album “Trails of a Walker“. Formed in late 2010, the band changed its line-up and music style many times, until the beginning of 2012, when things became more “stable”. After various gigs, Cerevisia started working on their first album in 2013 and finally released it on May 2nd 2014 via Send the Wood Music.         Read more…

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HEID – Voces de la Tierra Dormida (EP)

HEID - Voces de la Tierra Dormida

Heid is a new Spanish folk death black metal band from Madrid that has recently released its debut EP. The band was “officially” formed in 2012, even if the idea behind the band was one year older. In the beginning of 2013 they presented the 3-track demo “Heid” and on March 2014 they self-released their first EP “Voces de la Tierra Dormida“, both in digital format and in physical CD edition.      Read more…

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ENVIKTAS – Enviktas (EP)

ENVIKTAS - Enviktas

A new amazing folk metal band arises from Newcastle, New South Wales of Australia. Formed in 2010 with the ambition to combine traditional world folk music with extreme metal, they soon earned a good reputation in the local scene, thanks to their theatrical and energetic live performances. Finally, after a lot of hard work, the band managed to record its first work, the EP “Enviktas” that was self-released in March of 2014.

Enviktas really impressed me with the Read more…

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TIME OF TALES – Enter the Gates (EP)

TIME OF TALES - Enter the Gates

Time of Tales is a new folk metal band from the city Mielec of South-Eastern Poland. The band was formed theoretically in 2009, but due to continuous line-up changes, they couldn’t record anything or play on stage until 2013, when they finally managed to gather a stable line-up. Time of Tales soon entered the studio and they recorded their debut EP “Enter the Gates“, which was self-released in March of 2014.        Read more…

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ODR – Il Ponte del Diavolo (EP)

ODR - Il Ponte del Diavolo

Folk black death metallers Odr from Turin, Italy have finally released their debut work. This new band was formed in 2012, taking their name from the Norse mythological god Óðr. They began as a 3-piece band and eventually expanded their line-up to 5 members. Soon they started recording the 5-track EP “Il Ponte del Diavolo“, which was initially available as demo in August 2013 via their official YouTube channel. The band gained the interest of the new Irish Read more…

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