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KORRIGANS – Ferocior ad Rebellandum

KORRIGANS - Ferocior ad Rebellandum

Italian extreme folk metallers Korrigans from Pontine Marshes, Lazio released last year their debut full-length, entitled “Ferocior ad Rebellandum“. The band started in 2011 with the intention to mix folk music with extreme metal. It took them some time to gather the complete line-up and define their sound, before they record and release the 6-track demo “Korrigans” in 2012. The demo gained the attention of the Irish label Nemeton Records, who signed Korrigans and released their Read more…

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Epic folk metal band NightCreepers from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine of France is back with its latest and most ambitious work “Hreid“. NightCreepers were initially formed in 2003, but after the failure of their first effort, they were reborn more seriously in 2006. Through the early years they suffered countless line-up changes and actually only one of the founding members remains until today, their guitarist and vocalist Haarath. The band released the EPs “Helgardh” in 2007 and “Towards Read more…

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TROBAR – Charivari

TROBAR - Charivari

Folk progressive metal band Trobar from Québec has recently released its debut full-length album “Charivari”. Founded back in 2009 in Rimouski, Trobar released the promising 5-track EP “Vÿs” in 2011, developing a quite personal style. Now, 3 years later, they return with the exact same line-up and much more experience to present us a more complete work. Like the EP, “Charivari” is also self-released and it was out on the 15th of April 2014.            Read more…

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MUNARHEIM – Nacht und Stürme Werden Licht

MUNARHEIM - Nacht und Sturme werden Licht

Finally, 7 years after their birth, Munarheim released their debut full-length album “Nacht und Stürme Werden Licht“, a masterpiece of melodic symphonic folk blackened metal! This German band was formed in 2007 and next year released the demo EP “Märe vom Abgesang der Welt“. In 2009 they self-released the EP “…und der Wind Sang“, which was re-released by Düsterwald Produktionen. The same year, the band’s composer, singer and guitarist Sebastian Braun formed together with Read more…

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Chile isn’t the most common origin of folk metal groups, so I was very interested in seeing what this new band with this weird name has to offer. Traucoholik were formed in 2010 and they come from the port city of Coquimbo. In 2012 they released the 4-track demo “Voyages of Myths and Hate” giving their fans a first taste of their music. In 2013 they released digitally their debut full-length album “Kalku” and on February Read more…

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IZMOROZ – Ктулху

IZMOROZ - Cthulhu

Russian folk humorous black metallers Изморозь (Izmoroz) are back with their new opus “Ктулху” (Cthulhu), their seventh full-length album so far. The band was formed in 2006 as a 2-album project, having a more serious epic Viking oriented approach. After the encouragement of the fans, the band continued, making at the same time a huge turn in its sound and concept in 2010. They are since then playing melodic extreme pagan folk metal with humorous lyrics, mixing various Read more…

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LOU QUINSE – Rondeau de la Forca

LOU QUINSE - Rondeau de la Forca

Lou Quinse is a very interesting Italian folk metal from Turin, formed back in 2005. Their name means “15″ in the Francoprovençal dialect, an ancient language spoken in east-central France, western Switzerland, and northwestern Italy. Since its inception, the band mixed Occitan Alpine folk music and traditional instruments with extreme metal and in 2008 released the EP “Lou Quinse“. In 2011 they self-released their debut full-length album “Rondeau de la Forca“, an album I only recently Read more…

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FOLKODIA – The Fall of the Magog

FOLKODIA - The Fall of Magog

Epic folk metal group Folkodia has recently released its 6th full-length album “The Fall of the Magog“. It is a historic album, since one month after its release, their founding member Ruslanas Danisevskis aka Metfolvik (also in Ravenclaw, Folkearth) passed away, losing his battle against cancer. Metfolvik was from Lithuania and several years ago he had the idea to create an international Viking folk metal band, gathering various musicians around the world. His plan became reality in 2004, Read more…

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