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CALADMOR – Of Stones and Stars

CALADMOR - Of Stones and Stars

Caladmor is an epic folk metal band from Zürich, Switzerland that was formed back in 2001 under the name Pale. As Pale they released a full-length album in 2005 and an EP in 2007. In 2009 they changed their name to Caladmor and next year they released the album “Midwinter” via Twilight Vertrieb. On August 2013 they decided to release their new album “Of Stones and Stars” this time on their own, without any label behind. Read more…

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AFTERGOD – The Honourable Way (Demo)

AFTERGOD - The Honourable Way

Italian folk metallers AfterGod from Rimini have just released their first work ever, the 4-song demo EP “The Honourable Way“. The band was formed in 2008 by Thomas (keyboards) and Stefano (guitars). The line-up was completed soon and they participated in several concerts, winning also the local musical contest “Bellaria Rock Festival”, something that boosted their self-confidence. In the end of 2009, Virginia joined AfterGod and the band redirected its sound, since the combination of female and male Read more…

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ARTAIUS – The Fifth Season

ARTAIUS - The Fifth Season

Another great new band arises from the lately blooming Italian folk metal scene. Artaius come from Sassuolo near Modena and they were formed in 2008 with the aim to merge metal and folk music. In 2011 they self-released the 4-track demo EP “MMXI” and appeared on various gigs with other Italian folk metal bands. With a new female singer, Sara, the six-piece band released its debut full-length album “The Fifth Season” via the Italian label Moonlight Read more…

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SCHWARZWALD – Welcome to Trolland (Demo)

SCHWARZWALD - Welcome to Trolland

Their name might be of German origin, but Schwarzwald is actually a Spanish folk metal band from Tenerife. Their guitarist, vocalist and composer Satur, originally started them as a personal project in 2005, releasing the demo “Journey Through the Night“. Officially though, as a complete seven piece band, they were formed in 2010 and soon enough they played in several local festivals and gigs. After some line-up changes, there are now six members in the band and with Read more…

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DIABULA RASA – Ars MedioHeavy

DIABULA RASA - Ars MedioHeavy

Diabula Rasa is an excellent folk metal band from Lugo, Italy. They are active for 13 years now, but I had never heard of them before, something I totally regret, but it also reveals the bad promotion they had so far, since I am into this genre for many years now. Anyway, better late than never! They were formed in 2000, under the name Tabula Rasa by their leader Luca Veroli and with this name they released the debut album Read more…

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ZARIA – Sij Obzorja (EP)

ZARIA - Sij Obzorja

Zaria is a new Slovenian folk metal band from Medvode that was formed in Spring of 2011 by Inez (vocals, flute) and Miha (guitars). After the completion of their line-up, they started their first live appearances in 2012 and then they decided to enter the studio to record their first 4 songs. Finally in March 2013 the band released these tracks in a self financed EP, entitled “Sij Obzorja“.

Zaria play melodic folk metal with female vocals and Read more…

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AN NORVYS – Sins and Stones (EP)

AN NORVYS - Sins and Stones

French Celtic folk metallers An Norvys return with their second EP “Sins and Stones” in the end of 2012, almost 2 years after their demo EP “One and All” that was released in the beginning of 2011. The band continues on the same style with its first work, but this time new elements were added and many others have improved in my opinion.

Like its predecessor, “Sins and Stones” contains 4 songs and lasts Read more…

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AN NORVYS – One and All (EP)

AN NORVYS - One and All

An Norvys is a new folk metal band from Cantal, Auverge in Central France. They were formed in 2009 with the intention to give new breath to legends of Cornwall, a Celtic region in South Western Britain. Their name is actually in Cornish language and it means Earth. This six-piece band self-released its debut demo EP “One and All” on January 2011, but it was a few days ago that I got it in my hands.

This 4-track Read more…

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