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WIZARDMASK – Песнь Воина


Russian dramatic metal band Wizardmask from Novosibirsk, a city is located in the southwestern part of Siberia, has recently released its new work. This duo was formed back in 2009 by Sergey Amelchenko (composition, music, guitars) and Svetlana Diva Amelchenko (concept, lyrics, vocals). They remain the only permanent members of the band, using several guest musicians in their albums. Wizardmask managed to release their debut full-length album “Карнавал Иллюзий” in 2012, after a lot of work. Their second Read more…

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TROBAR – Charivari

TROBAR - Charivari

Folk progressive metal band Trobar from Québec has recently released its debut full-length album “Charivari”. Founded back in 2009 in Rimouski, Trobar released the promising 5-track EP “Vÿs” in 2011, developing a quite personal style. Now, 3 years later, they return with the exact same line-up and much more experience to present us a more complete work. Like the EP, “Charivari” is also self-released and it was out on the 15th of April 2014.            Read more…

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AMIENSUS – Restoration

AMIENSUS - Restoration

Amiensus is a new atmospheric progressive black metal bad from Minnesota USA. They were founded in 2010 by members of various other bands (The Last, Minos, Dread Veil) taking their name from the Amiens Cathedral located in France! The same year they released the EP “The Last EP“, covering mostly songs written by members of The Last. The band’s debut full-length album “Restoration” was initially released digitally on Bandcamp, later on tape limited to 30 copies, Read more…

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SAND AURA – Elegy of the Orient

SAND AURA - Elegy of the Orient

Sand Aura is a new Egyptian band, with a very personal, different and distinctive sound! They were formed by Muhammed Hassany and Shung in 2007 in Cairo and they believe in the unification of all cultures, religions and historical backgrounds. Their debut full length album “Elegy of the Orient” was finished quite some time now, but it was finally released on November 2012 via Russian label Haarbn Productions. The band had a complete line-up in the album, since Read more…

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AKPHAEZYA – Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Nerak

AKPHAEZYA - Anthology IV - The Tragedy of Nerak

After their impressive debut “Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity” in 2008, Akphaezya return with their second album entitled “Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Nerak” released by Code666 on March 2012. The progressive, avant-garde, experimental band from France states on the booklet: “Αυτός ο δίσκος είναι αφιερωμένος στους Έλληνες του χθές, του σήμερα και του αύριο (translation: This album is dedicated to Greeks of yesterday, today and tomorrow)”. The album is written like Read more…

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ASGAARD – Stairs to Nowhere

ASGAARD - Stairs to Nowhere

Asgaard is a band I always liked and I’ve watched their discography since the beginning. This Polish group was formed in 1994 and in 1997 released its demo “Excellent Darkness Art”, one year before the debut “When The Twilight Set In Again”. This debut is very different from the rest of the band’s works! They actually played a mix of symphonic / classical, gothic, black metal with both male and female vocals and a relatively poor Read more…

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AKPHAEZYA – Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity

AKPHAEZYA – Anthology II - Links from the Dead Trinity

Haha, there are times when words are just too small to describe what the ears listen. How can someone review this weird album from the French band Akphaezya! At least if you read this you are obviously on internet so you can listen to samples from their page.

This is the debut album of Akphaezya, a group that exists from 2002. The band, according to their own words, plays “eclectic” metal featuring the female singer and pianist Nehl Aëlin. Actually Read more…

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