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VALTYR – Veriset Saagat

VALTYR - Veriset Saagat

Valtyr is the second personal project of Nartum from Bari, Italy. Nartum’s music projects started in 2008 with Ymir, a black metal band that evolved into space ambient black metal. With Ymir, Nartum released a demo in 2008 and his first album ever, “Tumults in the Absence” in 2010, which was re-released in digipak edition in 2013. Valtyr was formed in 2011, as a Viking black metal band, with which Nartum wanted to pay homage to bands like Read more…

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Legendary epic Viking metallers Falkenbach are back with their latest full-length album “Asa“. The personal project of Vratyas Vakyas has influenced many Viking metal bands out there, since its beginning in 1989. After 5 very successful full-length albums, most of them released by Napalm Records, the band signed to Prophecy Productions, who released the 7″ vinyl single “Eweroun” on April 2013, as a preview of the upcoming album. Finally on the 1st of November 2013, the Read more…

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MYRKVEDR – Sons of Muspell

MYRKVEDR - Sons of Muspell

Myrkvedr is a new Viking folk metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They were formed in 2010 with the intention to mix extreme metal with folk tunes and traditional instruments, influenced by Viking mythology. In 2011 the band released its 5-track demo “Tryms Kväde” and made several gigs around Sweden. Finally on November 2013 they self-released their debut full-length album “Sons of Muspell“.                  Read more…

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FESKARN – Raise Your Swords

FESKARN - Raise Your Swords

Feskarn is the solo project of Niklas Larsson from Uppsala, Sweden. Niklas began this Viking black metal band in 2010 and it was his first metal effort. Before Feskarn, he was experimenting with electronic music. “Raise Your Swords” is the first official work of the band and it’s a full-length album, released by the German label Pesttanz Klangschmiede in the end of 2012.

Raise Your Swords” is a short album, since its 8 songs are less Read more…

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FOLKEARTH – Valhalla Ascendant

FOLKEARTH - Valhalla Ascendant

Back in 2004, several musicians from different countries around the world had a very interesting idea to begin a new epic folk pagan metal project, where everyone will contribute. The project got the name Folkearth and its debut album “A Nordic Poem” was released in 2004. Since then, countless musicians have participated to this project, but there is also a basic “permanent” line-up. Folkearth have been over-productive and for example in 2008 they released 3 albums! “Valhalla Read more…

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ÆTHER REALM – One Chosen by the Gods

AETHER REALM - One Chosen by the Gods

A new Viking metal band rises from Greenville, North Carolina. This US band was formed in the summer of 2010 and released the 2-song EP “Odin will Provide” one year later, on September 2011. Next year the single “Swampwitch” was revealed and finally on January 2013 Æther Realm released its debut full-length album “One Chosen by the Gods“, including the 3 aforementioned songs.

On its Facebook profile the band clearly states: “we are Read more…

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OBSCURITY – Obscurity

OBSCURITY - Obscurity

Epic black death Viking metallers Obscurity from Velbert, Germany return with their sixth assault! The self titled album was released on October 2012, once again by Trollzorn / SMP Records, who also released their previous 2 works. Obscurity were born 16 years ago, on 1997 and between 2000 and 2010 they released 5 full-length albums, forging their personal sound. Their new album follows the same path with its predecessors, without any surprises or music redirection.

Obscurity” contains 11 Read more…

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DRUNAR – Testimony

DRUNAR - Testimony

A new epic Viking metal band rises from Belgium. Drunar were born in the beginning of 2010 by Jeroen as his personal project. Deeply influenced by Falkenbach (mostly) and Thyrfing he composed the music for his first album. It was after the completion of the songs, when the 3 other members joined the band and Guy wrote the lyrics. In the summer of 2012 the debut EP “Testimony” was finally released via the Belgian independent label Eburone Records. Read more…

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