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FFERYLLT – Прорицание

FFERYLLT - Proritsanie

Fferyllt is a Russian symphonic folk metal band from Krasnodor. The first traces of the band can be found back in 2003, when Dmitry Eliseev (keyboards) wanted to start a new pagan folk related musical project. The band completed its line-up in 2007, when they also released the demo “A Celtic Tale“. They suffered several line-up changes before releasing their debut full-length album “Dance of the Druids” via Stygian Crypt Productions in 2009. Even more line-up Read more…

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ODRAEDIR – Troll’s Cave (EP)

ODRAEDIR - Trolls Cave

A new pagan folk metal band from Czech Republic has just released its first official work, the EP “Troll’s Cave“. The band was formed a few years ago and in 2011 released the 5-track demo EP “Pagan Forest“, where they played raw and somehow amateur underground folk pagan black metal. The songs though had some nice parts and I found their powerful guitars very interesting. Let’s see what their new work has to offer…

First of Read more…

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On 15th of September 2012, Russian label SoundAge Productions released a very interesting split album of two new Russian pagan folk metal bands. Сердце-Камень (Serdce-Kamen) is the new band of Alexey «Nightbird» Solovyev (ex-frontman, bassist, composer and poet of Alkonost from 1996 till 2010). Духи Предков (Dukhi Predkov) is a young band, coming from the coast of great Russian river Volga and they have already released a full-length album.

Сердце-Камень contribute to this album with the 4-track EP “Жизнь Read more…

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KOLO PRAVI – Было. Есть. Будет

KOLO PRAVI - It was. It Exists. It will be

Коло Прави (Kolo Pravi) is a pagan folk Belorussian band that has remained quite unknown so far. The band was formed back in 2006 and released its first demo in 2009! Finally in 2012 they decided to offer us their debut full-length album, the self released “Было. Есть. Будет” (It was. It is. It will be).

The band consists of 3 members and its sound has an underground approach. They play melodic folk pagan metal, with many traditional Read more…

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BEER BEAR – За Незримой Чертой

BEER BEAR - Beyond the Invisible Line

Russian folk metallers Beer Bear return with their second album “За Незримой Чертой (Beyond the Invisible Line)“. The band started in the beginning of 2008 under the name Nordheim, playing pagan metal. Very soon they decided to add folk and punk elements in their sound and the bear concept in their lyrics, so they changed their name to Beer Bear! They released a demo in 2009 and in the end of 2010 their first full-length album “Мёд Read more…

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KAWIR – Ισόθεος

KAWIR - Isotheos

It has been already 4 years since Kawir’s previous full-length album “Ophiolatreia“. In the meantime the band has been quite busy, releasing the EP “To Uranus“, the live DVD “Athenian Echoes Over Paris” and a split EP with Scythian. Finally the cult ancient Hellenic pagan black metallers return with their new masterpiece “Ισόθεος – Godlike” released via German label Deathrune Records. The band has a new “international” line up now, consisting of Read more…

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Bucovina is a very interesting band from Iasi, north-eastern Romania. They were formed in 2000 and took them 6 years to release their debut album “Ceasul Aducerii-aminte” via Lupii Daciei Records. Their music back then was a mixture of black metal with traditional Romanian folk elements. The album had a great atmospheric and the band seemed to have something different to offer, but the result was somehow raw and unbalanced in my opinion.

Duh” is the Read more…

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WAYLANDER – Kindred Spirits

WAYLANDER - Kindred Spirits

Legendary Irish folk metallers Waylander return with a new album, reclaiming their throne in the Celtic extreme metal scene. The band is almost 20 years active, but they had released only 3 full-length albums until now. Except for their first album “Reawakening Pride Once Lost“, a landmark in the genre, their next works were much less folk oriented. Their previous album “Honour Amongst Chaos” 4 years ago, revealed the will of the band to return to Read more…

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