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Vinterforest is a German pagan black metal solo project formed in 2008 by Graishak. The demo Winterwald was released in 2009 and a 4-track promo in 2010. The full-length album “Aarstider” is the first official release for the band and it was out in 2012 by the Swiss label Black Tower Productions.

Vinterforest play underground pagan black metal, with many epic elements and a few folk touches. Their music is quite melodic and based mostly on the wonderful Read more…

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TIMOR ET TREMOR – Upon Bleak Grey Fields

TIMOR ET TREMOR - Upon Bleak Grey Fields

A new pagan black metal band rises from north Hessen in central Germany, formed in 2005 after the disbanding of black / death metal group Twilight Prophecies. Their homeland’s environment and history made them follow the pagan black metal genre. After line-up changes and some new members’ arrival the band released the demo “The Winding Path” in 2007. In 2009 the debut album “My Oaken Chest” was released online, followed by the 3-track EP “Towards Read more…

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KAWIR – Ισόθεος

KAWIR - Isotheos

It has been already 4 years since Kawir’s previous full-length album “Ophiolatreia“. In the meantime the band has been quite busy, releasing the EP “To Uranus“, the live DVD “Athenian Echoes Over Paris” and a split EP with Scythian. Finally the cult ancient Hellenic pagan black metallers return with their new masterpiece “Ισόθεος – Godlike” released via German label Deathrune Records. The band has a new “international” line up now, consisting of Read more…

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HETMAN – Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє

HETMAN - Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє

Гетьман (Hetman) is the personal project of Cerberus from Kherson, Ukraine. He is also vocalist and bassist on black death metal band Demonium. He started Гетьман on 2006, when he actually composed the debut album “Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє“. He never released the album back then and for the next 3 years the band was on hiatus. On 2010 he decided to resurrect the band and luckily the Russian label Sublimity Records (Metalism Records sub-label) showed interest in Read more…

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DRAGOBRATH – WhisperHerbs

DRAGOBRATH - WhisperHerbs

Dragobrath was one of the many bands (Kroda, Capitollium, Leadhaze, among others) where Yulian Mytsyk (aka Viterzgir) participated, before he fully devotes himself to Viter. Actually Dragobrath was one of his solo-projects, since he only used some guest musicians in their albums, mostly in the vocals. This band was formed in 2004 and took its name from a mountain area in the Carpathians. Yulian used the nickname Synevir for Dragobrath and he released 3 full-length albums before “WhisperHerbsRead more…

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JARUN – Wziemiozstąpienie

JARUN - Wziemiozstapienie

Jarun is a new pagan black metal band from Nowy Sącz, Krakow in Poland. They begun in 2007 as an one man band by Zagreus (their guitarist), but in 2010 they got a full-line up. Without releasing any demo or promo before, the band offers us its self-released full-length album “Wziemiozstąpienie“, a very promising debut.

I see their music described as progressive, alternative, folk black metal. What I listen in “Wziemiozstąpienie” is excellent pagan black metal Read more…

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SOKROVENNO – De Rerum Natura

SOKROVENNO - De Rerum Natura

Sokrovenno is an Italian pagan black metal band from Como. They are rather unknown, even if they exist since 2005 and their music is actually very good. In 2007 they self released the 3 song demo “Flammantia Moenia Mundi (The Flaming Walls of World)” and 2 years later on August 2009 they released their only full-length album so far “De Rerum Natura (About the Nature of Things)” via Bleak Art Records.

De Rerum NaturaRead more…

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MONDVOLLAND – Pestvogel (EP)


Don’t let this colorful little bird fool you. It might look cute and harmless, but it’s not. It’s really pissed off and mean! “Pestvogel” is the new 3 song EP by the Dutch band Mondvolland and is by far their most aggressive work. They were formed in 2005 by Martijn and Mickeal and after 2 demos they released the 2 song promotional EP “… Daar Naast de Urthensula!” in 2009. The EP helped them to get Read more…

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