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ZAKLON – Сымбалі Нязбытнага

ZAKLON - Symbali Nyazbytnaga

Zaklon return with their third full-length album “Сымбалі Нязбытнага“. This Belarusian band was formed in 1999 by Temnarod, who is their only member since then, composing and performing all instruments and vocals. After 4 demos the band released its debut full-length “Услед Змёрзламу Сонцу” in 2010. Next year “Шэпт Чорнага Лісьця” was out via Temnarod’s own label Forestland Productions and re-released by Gardarika Musikk in 2012. His newest work “Сымбалі Нязбытнага” was Read more…

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MUNRUTHEL – Явь, Навь и Правь

MUNRUTHEL - Yav Nav i Prav

Munruthel needs no introduction, both as a musician and as a band. He is one of Nokturnal Mortum’s founding members and he has participated in many other bands too. He started his personal project under the name Silentium and in 1997 the project took his name, Munruthel. “Явь, Навь и Правь” is the first official full-length album of the band and a basic influence for many dark ambient pagan bands. The album was originally released in 1997 on Read more…

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ZAKLON – Шэпт Чорнага Лісьця

ZAKLON - Whispers of Black Foliage

Belarusian one-man black metal band Zaklon is back with its second full-length album. Temnarod, who is behind other projects too, formed this band in 1999, but it was only 2010 when he released their debut album “Услед Змёрзламу Сонцу”. His second album was initially released in 2011 by his own label Forestland Productions, but in the end of 2012 Gardarika Musikk re-released it properly…

Услед Змёрзламу Сонцу” begins with a 6 minute ambient atmospheric intro, preparing Read more…

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SIVYJ YAR – Навстречу Сумеркам – Towards the Twilight (EP)

SIVYI YAR - Towards the Twilight

Сивый Яр (Sivyj Yar) is the solo project of Vladimir from Russia. He formed this band in 2006 and the same year his first demo “Тьма Зимнего Безвременья” was also released. In 2009 the debut full-length album “Нощь (The Night)” was out via Elhaz Division and re-released in 2011 by Gardarika Musikk, including as bonus the EP “Оредеж“. In 2010 the 2-track EP “Край Непуганых Птиц” was released by Irii-Sad Productions and Read more…

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