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SIVYJ YAR – Навстречу Сумеркам – Towards the Twilight (EP)

SIVYI YAR - Towards the Twilight

Сивый Яр (Sivyj Yar) is the solo project of Vladimir from Russia. He formed this band in 2006 and the same year his first demo “Тьма Зимнего Безвременья” was also released. In 2009 the debut full-length album “Нощь (The Night)” was out via Elhaz Division and re-released in 2011 by Gardarika Musikk, including as bonus the EP “Оредеж“. In 2010 the 2-track EP “Край Непуганых Птиц” was released by Irii-Sad Productions and Read more…

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