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DEMENTIA AD VITAM – L’Éloge de l’Origine

DEMENTIA AD VITAM - L'Eloge de l'Origine

Dementia ad Vitam is a very interesting neoclassical neofolk ambient project from France that recently released its third full-length album “L’Éloge de l’Origine“. Dementia ad Vitam introduced themselves in 2008 with the album “Spirit of the Trees“, a Neoclassical darkwave work, released via Occultum Productions. In 2010 the band released its second album “De Gaïa, le Poison…“, a work where they added a few atmospheric black metal elements in their sound. This album was Read more…

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NACHTREICH – Trugbilder

NACHTREICH - Trugbilder

Nachtreich was a German instrumental band formed in 2003 by Uli Kaineder and Peter Honsalek. Their music has influences from neoclassical, black metal and classical music. The band was active from 2003 until 2010, when they split up, but they continued working together in different music paths. After several demos, Nachtreich released their debut full-length album “Sturmgang” in 2009. They continued releasing some works after their official end, like the “B​-​Sides & Unreleased Demos” in 2011. Read more…

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Sadhaka is a new Cascadian black metal band from Olympia, Washington of U.S.A. They were formed in 2012 as a side project of Fauna (ritual ambient black metal) and Vradiazei (dark folk) members. In December of 2012 the band released a self-recorded demo, the 15-minutes digital track “Ancient Ones“, gaining the attention of the Chinese label Pest Productions. They signed a deal with them and in April 2013 they released the debut full-length album “Terma“.    Read more…

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AMIENSUS – Restoration

AMIENSUS - Restoration

Amiensus is a new atmospheric progressive black metal bad from Minnesota USA. They were founded in 2010 by members of various other bands (The Last, Minos, Dread Veil) taking their name from the Amiens Cathedral located in France! The same year they released the EP “The Last EP“, covering mostly songs written by members of The Last. The band’s debut full-length album “Restoration” was initially released digitally on Bandcamp, later on tape limited to 30 copies, Read more…

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VALLENDUSK – Black Clouds Gathering

VALLENDUSK - Black Clouds Gathering

Black Clouds Gathering” is the first full-length album of the Indonesian atmospheric black metal band Vallendusk from Jakarta. The band was formed in 2011 and they soon released the 3-track EP “Vallendusk” via the Chinese label Pest Production. The EP got great feedback, thanks to the band’s mature, melodic and well produced sound. One year later, in the spring of 2013, Vallendusk returned with their debut full-length album “Black Clouds Gathering“, released by the Read more…

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APOCYNTHION – Sidereus Nuncius

APOCYNTHION - Sidereus Nuncius

Apocynthion is an amazing new atmospheric post black metal band from Madrid, Spain that only recently released its first work. The band was formed in 2010 and took its name from the astronomic term “apocynthion”, which describes the point in a satellite’s lunar orbit that is farthest from the moon. They had released only the digital single “Correlations” in March 2012, before they finally sign to the Chinese label Pest Productions and release their debut full-length album “ Read more…

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Stellar Descent is a new one man Cascadian black metal band from Oregon USA. This project was formed in 2010 by A, who composes and plays everything, with the aim to create atmospheric, depressive, folkish black metal. Stellar Descent has self-released several demo albums so far in CD-r or tape editions, most of them including one huge instrumental song. “Accretion” was the band’s first work with lyrics, originally released by Eternal Warfare on tape in 2012. The Chinese Read more…

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ALDA – :Tahoma:

ALDA - Tahoma

Alda is a very interesting band coming from Washington, USA. They were actually formed around 2003 by a group of friends sharing many common interests and ideologies, including their love for black metal and folk music, but they officially took their name in 2007. In 2009 they self-released a 3-track demo, whose songs were included in their debut full-length album “Alda” released on tape the same year by Singularity Publishing. It was limited to 50 hand numbered copies Read more…

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