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СТОЖАР – Слава Πеруну!

STOZHAR - Slava Perunu

One year after its debut album, the Russian pagan folk metal band Стожар (Stozhar) is back with its second full-length work, entitled “Слава Πеруну!”. Formed back in 2005, this band from Yaroslavl suffered a lot of line-up changes until 2010, when things became more stable. The only remaining member from the early line-up and the 2005 demo “Языческая Русь” is Yarosvet, who was also one of the band’s founders. After a lot of work, Стожар managed Read more…

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VIETAH – Tajemstvy Noczy

VIETAH - Tajemstvy Noczy

Atmospheric pagan black metal band Vietah from Belarus released its third full-length album “Tajemstvy Noczy” in the beginning of 2014. Vietah (old moon in Belarusian) is the solo project of Antarktys from Гомель (Gomel) since 2006. The band released its debut album “Zorny Maroz” in 2008 and the second one “Smalisty žah” in 2010, both via the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. Their new album comes as cooperation between Stygian Crypt Productions and Possession Read more…

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GRIMNER – Blodshymner

GRIMNER - Blodshymner

Two years after their debut full-length work, Viking folk metallers Grimner from Motala, Sweden are back with their new album, entitled “Blodshymner“. It all started in 2008, when 6 musicians from several parts of Sweden decided to join forces and begin their Viking journey. After the debut EP “A Call for Battle” in 2010 the band became active on gigs, gaining positive feedback. In 2012 they self-released the debut album “Färd“, something between full-length Read more…

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FOLKEARTH – Balder’s Lament

FOLKEARTH - Balder's Lament

10 years after their creation, epic Viking metallers Folkearth are back with their 12th full-length album!! And while the release of a new album from this international project is something usual, this album is a special one, since it’s the first one after the death of their founding member Ruslanas (Metfolvik) Danisevskis. Metfolvik was also the founder of Folkodia, another international project, musically similar to Folkearth, but with different concept. Soon after Metfolvik passed away, the remaining members of Folkearth Read more…

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СТОЖАР – Ни Шагу Назад

STOZHAR - No Retreat

Russian epic pagan folk metallers Стожар (Stozhar) from Yaroslavl have recently released their debut full-length album “Ни Шагу Назад (No Retreat)“. The band was formed in 2005 with only two members, Yarosvet and Elena Lebedeva. As a duo, Стожар recorded and self-released the demo “Языческая Русь” in 2007, but after that Elena left the band. Yarosvet gathered new members and in 2009 the band started its first concerts. After several changes the final line-up, that remains Read more…

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FOLKODIA – The Fall of the Magog

FOLKODIA - The Fall of Magog

Epic folk metal group Folkodia has recently released its 6th full-length album “The Fall of the Magog“. It is a historic album, since one month after its release, their founding member Ruslanas Danisevskis aka Metfolvik (also in Ravenclaw, Folkearth) passed away, losing his battle against cancer. Metfolvik was from Lithuania and several years ago he had the idea to create an international Viking folk metal band, gathering various musicians around the world. His plan became reality in 2004, Read more…

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LAST WAIL – Memories

LAST WAIL - Memories

Russian folk death metallers Last Wail from Omsk of southwestern Siberia have recently released their second work. Last Wail were formed in 2008 with the intention to combine melodic extreme metal with folk metal. They signed to Stygian Crypt Productions and their debut full-length album “The Tale of Endless Night” was out in 2011. Two years later, in the summer of 2013, they returned with their sophomore full-length album “Memories” released again by their label Stygian Read more…

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WARTHA – Paŭstań

WARTHA - Paustan

Wartha is a Belarusian epic folk pagan metal band from Minsk. They were formed officially in 2008 and the first years of their existence they have tried to find their own personal style and musical direction. Their first 2-track demo “Хороводы” was out in 2009 and it had a melodic folk black metal aesthetic. In 2011 they released the single “Zorny Šlach” redirecting their sound to a more folk pagan metal approach. The band had several Read more…

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