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PAGAN BLOOD – Lords of the Seas

PAGAN BLOOD - Lords of the Seas

French pagan black metal band Pagan Blood from Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes returns with its second full-length album. Pagan Blood is the personal project of Julien (previously on Heathen Dawn and Hoarfen) and they were formed in 2007. After the demo “Bellum Gallicum” in 2008, the band released its debut album “The Last Empire” in 2009 via Ewiges Eis Records. Now, 4 years later, they are back with their new work entitled “Lords of the Seas“, Read more…

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STRYNN – Decadence

STRYNN - Decadence

A new French black metal band from Bordeaux has just released its debut full-length album. After the split-up of the band Black Storm, three of its members decided to form Strynn in 2011. The band consists of Anadrark in guitars & vocals, Dwimorberg in guitars & vocals too and Obscurisis in drums. On April 2012 they released their first work, a split album with Galvauder (experimental black metal from France) limited to only 100 copies. One year later, on April Read more…

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AN NORVYS – Sins and Stones (EP)

AN NORVYS - Sins and Stones

French Celtic folk metallers An Norvys return with their second EP “Sins and Stones” in the end of 2012, almost 2 years after their demo EP “One and All” that was released in the beginning of 2011. The band continues on the same style with its first work, but this time new elements were added and many others have improved in my opinion.

Like its predecessor, “Sins and Stones” contains 4 songs and lasts Read more…

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LUTECE – … Our Ashes Blown Away

LUTECE - ... Our Ashes Blown Away

Epic French black metal horde Lutece, return with a new album, 5 years after their previous effort. After the split-up of the black metal band Dark Requiem, two of its members, Denosdrakkh and Hesgaroth, formed Lutece in 2006. As a duet, they released their debut full-length album “…and Ancestors Still Remain” in 2007 via Triple Silence Records. Next year they self-released the EP “Awakening Ancient Gods“, which was distributed in Ireland, since Denosdrakkh was also playing Read more…

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AN NORVYS – One and All (EP)

AN NORVYS - One and All

An Norvys is a new folk metal band from Cantal, Auverge in Central France. They were formed in 2009 with the intention to give new breath to legends of Cornwall, a Celtic region in South Western Britain. Their name is actually in Cornish language and it means Earth. This six-piece band self-released its debut demo EP “One and All” on January 2011, but it was a few days ago that I got it in my hands.

This 4-track Read more…

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DARKENHÖLD – Echoes from the Stone Keeper

DARKENHOLD - Echoes from the Stone Keeper

Medieval black metallers Darkenhöld have just released their second opus “Echoes from the Stone Keeper“. This French black metal trio was formed in 2008 and next year released two split albums, one with Naastrand and one with Fhoi Myore, both self released. In the end of 2010 their debut album “A Passage to the Towers” was out via Ancestrale Production. One year later, they contributed to the 4-way split “La Maisniee du Maufé – A Read more…

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DUR DABLA – Spered ar Broioù Kozh

DUR DABLA - Spered ar Broiou Kozh

French Celtic black metal is one of my beloved folk metal genres, so I was very pleased to listen to a new band of this genre. Dur Dabla come from Brest, Brittany, one of the western parts of France, bordering the Celtic Sea and Atlantic Ocean! The band was formed in 2007 and released its self-titled demo in 2010. In the end of December 2012, after several line-up changes, Dur Dabla finally released their debut full-length album.

Spered ar Read more…

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AEVLORD – The Nomad’s Path

AEVLORD - The Nomad's Path

AevLord is a symphonic black metal band from Paris, founded back in 2003 by Julien, as a personal project. The band played almost orchestral keyboard-based metal with screaming vocals. In 2004 its first demo “Welcome to My Kingdom” was out (only 100 copies) with the help of Emilie in the female vocals. Next years the band got a full line-up and finally released its debut album “History of a New Mankind” in 2007 via Très-Gore Records, Read more…

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