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STWORZ – Cóż Po Żyznych Ziemiach…

STWORZ - Coz po Zyznych Ziemiach

Polish pagan metal band Stworz returns with a new album, 4 years after its previous full-length work. The band was formed in 2007 by Wojsław and Stworz is actually his personal project with the participation of some guest musicians. The band released its first two full-length albums in a short time, “Po Czasu Kres” in 2009 and “Synowie Słońca” in 2010. After an EP, a split with Fall, a compilation and a single, the time for Read more…

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TIME OF TALES – Enter the Gates (EP)

TIME OF TALES - Enter the Gates

Time of Tales is a new folk metal band from the city Mielec of South-Eastern Poland. The band was formed theoretically in 2009, but due to continuous line-up changes, they couldn’t record anything or play on stage until 2013, when they finally managed to gather a stable line-up. Time of Tales soon entered the studio and they recorded their debut EP “Enter the Gates“, which was self-released in March of 2014.        Read more…

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HELROTH – Wataha (EP)

HELROTH - Wataha

Helroth is a new folk metal band from Warsaw, Poland. They were formed in 2012 by Martha, Zapor and Ernest (3 ex-members of the Polish folk metallers Vecordia), who wanted a heavier twist in their music. Their line-up grew with 3 more members and as a 6-piece band they started recording their first songs in 2013. After the release of a 3-track demo, the band started touring and on September 2013 they added two more songs and self-released their first Read more…

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NETHERFELL – Okryte Zapomnieniem (EP)

NETHERFELL - Okryte Zapomnieniem

Netherfell is a Polish folk metal band from Krakow. They were formed in 2008, but their live activity started 2 years later. There were many line-up changes all these years, something that limited their options for gigs and prevented them from recording their songs. This stopped in 2013, since the band with a 4-member line-up started recording its debut demo EP. In the process two more members joined them, so they are are now a 6-piece band. On June 2013 Read more…

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ALNE – Alne

ALNE - Alne

I was thinking about reviewing this album a few months now, but always hesitated to do so, since I didn’t know how to describe it, or what exactly I like in it! As you can guess we have to do with a special band, who’s sound is very personal, far from any cliches. Alne come from Poland and they consist of 4 members: their charismatic female singer Kasia and 3 members from the black metal band Non Opus Dei (Klimor Read more…

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JARUN – Wziemiozstąpienie

JARUN - Wziemiozstapienie

Jarun is a new pagan black metal band from Nowy Sącz, Krakow in Poland. They begun in 2007 as an one man band by Zagreus (their guitarist), but in 2010 they got a full-line up. Without releasing any demo or promo before, the band offers us its self-released full-length album “Wziemiozstąpienie“, a very promising debut.

I see their music described as progressive, alternative, folk black metal. What I listen in “Wziemiozstąpienie” is excellent pagan black metal Read more…

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RADOGOST – Dark Side of the Forest

RADOGOST - Dark Side of the Forest

Folk metal band Radogost is back with its third full-length album. This Polish group was formed in 2006 and the same year released their debut full-length “Dwa Hektary Zywego Lasu – Two Hectares of a Living Forest“. After many line-up changes their second album “W Cieniu Wielkiego Dębu – In the Great Oak Tree Shadow” was out in 2008. Next year more line-up changes and differences between the members caused a temporary pause for the band. Read more…

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EVELYN – The Key to Understanding Suicides

EVELYN - The Key to Understanding Suicides

Evelyn is an atmospheric melodic extreme metal band from Poland, formed in the end of 2002 by Asteria (keyboard) and Chorus (guitar), while bassist Morgoth jumped in the band after a while. At its first steps (until the first demo) Evelyn was an instrumental project, but in 2003 vocalist Kristof joined them as their new member. A second demo followed and in 2006 the band self-released its debut full-length “Assertivity“. The same year Morgoth and Kristof left the Read more…

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